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Religious writing views

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Religious writing views

The Bible is the most read religious book in the entire world, even though it starts with with Genesis and the creation, in reality it starts with Moses, since Moses is supposed to have been the write that started writing it.  

Moses one day went on Mount Sinai, and Moses saw God as a burning bush, when Moses asked the burning bush who was he? God replied Yahweh, and since then Yahweh has been the God of the Israelite.

Religious writing views

These are other religious writing activities and views
These religious posts are being written to describe a new way of religious beliefs, which could help to improve religious cooperation of the existing religions, it could also help by making religions more acceptable to the atheists as well; this could be achieved because we believe that God might be different to the God described in the Bible, and for this reason we have formulated a new sort of theory, therefore now we would like to find a way on how to describe this new living God, who or which could just be about anything that is capable to bears and distribute the existing life energy of the universe. Therefore now we are looking for ways how to explain what we have said; but above all we would like to take our readers step by step to see how we arrived at this conclusion, so this entire part two of Prayers and discussions has been written to show you how we arrived at this conclusion and the reasons why we are doing this.
Now, apart what we have written above, we have also written and republished or edited many others religious hubs, we have had some friendly discussions with our friends about religions, and from these discussions and other point of views we have come to the conclusion that for religions to make sense in a modern way, one should really start to review all existing religions and find if there are other meanings why religious books have been written the way they have been written, and why religious leaders interpret religions the way they do; we need also to say that they interpret religion in a way that will give them an advantage over the other people, but mostly it is the way that they have been taught.  
 At this point this question arise; if religious leaders interpret religion the way they do today, is it just because their forbears have taught them to believe in religions this way? Or is it not? So, the main aim in reconciliation part two of this religious forum will be to review those religious beliefs and meanings, in the hope that we would come up with some explanations that would help us understand the religious situation better, and in doing so, perhaps we would be able to put forward those hidden meanings that we find wrong in religions today, we should be able to do that without being scared of changing the accepted meanings of today religions.
In order to do what we have just said above, we need to start from the very beginning with all sorts of religions. Now, in this case, because my friends and I are Roman Catholic and therefore this is the religion that we know most, we should be looking at the Bible and what it teaches us first of all, if we are going to be able to achieve anything at all, after all Christianity, the Roman Catholic and the Bible are the religions that the non believers atheists attack most of the time, in the hope that they can prove that there is no God and therefore all religions are all human fantasy. We believe that because there is a large enough number of exaggerated interpretations of certain meanings in the Bible, the atheists is finding it easy to attack our religions, so, there is a need to change those interpretations, and in other words, we might need to modify religious interpretations in such a way that they become more acceptable to most of us, when we use common sense, because that is where the atheists attack religions.
Having said that I start thinking what might be the most important issue that needs to be looked at, and suddenly it comes to my mind the first thing that the atheists attack religious people, is about creation, as atheists do not believe that God created anything as said in the Bible; they believe that whatever exists today has been created just from natural forces, so, God has nothing to do with creation, because God and its creation is all a human invention. Now I want to say that we are not able to prove to the atheists beyond any doubts that God exists, so the next best thing that we can do is to adjust religious meanings in such a way that they might partly make sense to the atheists as well, and therefore minimize their attacks on plain religious people.
Having said that, what I would like to do next is that I would like to call on my religious friends and have a good talk about this religious subject, you know sometimes my friends have a very good understanding of the situation and their input is much appreciated, so let me organize a meeting, with the intention of talking about religions.
I believe that this post is already long enough, so will see you in our next post, Meeting with our religious friends. See you soon.

Religious Reconciliation Doc
Religious writing views
Next time with; Meeting with our religious friends.       
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