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The beautiful ugly beast


Religious Reconciliation Doc
The beautiful ugly beast

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The beautiful ugly beast we call sex
(Frank's M. version) Post 5

I know that you feel disgusted to read about sexual things in a religious post, but I think that it is very important to talk about it. So, please forgive me if I am upsetting your religious side in any ways while I say what I have to say.
What drives the whole world of living creatures is sex, because without sex most life would be extinct, so we have to be very careful when we talk about sexual activities; in fact I believe that people avoid talking about sex, because it is very hard to talk about it without being driven to extremities. You see sex is an ugly beast and there are times when it will not stand to reason.
Looking at what I personally know, mankind has lots of problems to solve about their own sexual activities; it has been like this since the beginning of the world and today we are no closer solving it, so, what can we do? Mother Nature has given us this continuous sex drive, which does not let go all our life long, this may seem an exaggeration to some of you but it is so.
You see in the animal kingdom, some animals have got their yearly cycle, which helps them reproduce at the best time of the year, when their off springs have a better chance to survive, during the rest of the year their sexual activities seem dormant, so they go on as if sex does not exist. There are some species that have shorter cycle than that and also others that switch on and off; but for mankind the sex drive is never ending, and this may be true even when an individual is impotent, because he may still feel the desire to have sex. Therefore, sex may be said to be a beautiful ugly beast, because sex promises an individual sweet things, but then it never leaves that person alone, and this sex drive becomes sometimes a torment, which is not easy to control. Now that I have said something in general about sex, let me talk about pedophilia in religions, just because these writings are about religion.
As I have said above sex is beautiful but it also can be a torment to some of us; for this reason our forbears have formed their own ways to deal with it, like giving every man his own wife, so that their sex drive would be used according to Mother Nature, and at the same time would help them to control their sexual needs. I am saying sexual needs because sex cannot be avoided, it is like you have to eat drink and go to the toilet to empty your bowel, I know it may sound crazy to say that but it is so; you may argue that it is not life threatening as eating, drinking etc, but it is because if a man does not discharge his seamen regularly he runs the risk of going crazy, because his hormone will become too high in his body that it will malfunction soon or later, therefore sexual activities is a must to most people and cannot be avoided. Of course what I have said can be applied mostly to normal men, and I haven’t got a clue how women feel and react to sexual needs, therefore I leave this to the experts.
In the man sexual world I could go on telling you what I have seen during my life, but in this case I have to avoid it since we are talking about religious discussions here, so I better leave this argument to be written somewhere else in a place that is more suitable.
Now let me go back and talk about pedophilia in religion. As I have said above, I see sexual activities as needs that cannot be avoided. Now if I am right about this and here I am not swearing that I am right, as I would like to see what the sexual experts have to say, but let us assume that I am 9 out of 10 times right, if it is so, then religious people have made a mistake that needs to be fixed.
To my knowledge the biggest problem with pedophilia in religions is in the Roman Catholic Church, because they have this celibacy clergy and priests cannot get married. They may have their own reasons why priests should not get married, but this violates Mother Nature laws of survival of the species. In my personal understanding God and Mother Nature might be one and the same think, if that turn out to be so then they have made another grave mistake.
We have stated that man needs to have his normal sexual activities and that in the Roman Catholic Church priests cannot get married, what we do not know is the reason why they cannot get married, so let us try to understand their situation here, and let us see if there is anything in the Bible that suggests clergy celibacy. To my knowledge in the Old Testament the priests got married, in fact priesthood was passed from fathers’ to sons. In the Bible, Exodus 29- 4 ‘You are to bring Aaron and his sons to the Tent of Meeting and they are to be bathed’ this is how the priesthood in the Bible starts, so at that stage there was no celibacy in priesthood. When and how celibacy in priesthood started is hard to tell, I can only imagine that it slowly took place during the Middle Age, in order to solve some of the clergy greedy problems in religion, as someone has pointed out to me that priests used their positions to enrich their own family. One needs to remember that at some stage they were selling an indulgence, which is to say that if you pay me I will absolve you. What a great distortion of truth they used then, just because they were greedy about earthly things, they were selling heavenly things which were supposed to be free to anybody that would come forward to ask for it in God’s name.
Of course there are other issues, like if you have no one to worry about, then you would be able to serve the people better, since anybody in the congregation maybe said to be one of your sons or daughters. However this does not take into account that a normal man has his normal sexual needs to attend to in one way or another. We know that a man who is not a slave to the sexual stimulus can serve God better, because he is not thinking about sexual earthly things, therefore he can concentrate on the heavenly things and be a better priest and serve God better, but this does not solve his physical sexual needs, which very likely will make him sway away from his beliefs soon or later. Therefore, it is my view that if priest can get married they have a better chance to become good priests.
There are many other ways to look at this sexual religious problem, but I think that I have say enough to make myself clear about my own beliefs and what may need to be done, so I may as well stop talking about this pedophilia problem in priesthood until something else comes out.
What to do next one may ask? Well, looking at the ways religion is nowadays one has to wonder whether religious leaders know what they are doing nowadays: They seem to live in the past and want to continue to live in the past; they do not want to change anything for fear of getting it wrong; they want you to believe in God’s creation the way it is written in the Bible, even when there is evidence that it may well be different; they do not realize that in the world there are great changes specially in the way of communication and therefore knowledge and all this changes are going to bring about more changes even to religions, it is inevitable.
Religious leaders fail to look at all existing religions and old religions together; history tells us that people believed in many other sorts of religions in the past, these religions do not exist nowadays anymore, because they would seem archaic to the public, so they are extinct.
Let us just assume that there is a God and God somehow communicate through some people in making them believe what God wants us to believe. Now let us assume that I am one of these people and I know God is there and he wants me to write something, which would explain God’s existence to the world. How do I go about it? I am sure that I would ask myself what I can write. You see God is not dictating me what to write, God only makes me feel within my soul that I have to write something about his existence; now, I would be able to write only what I know at the highest level of my know how. This reasoning shows us that it is possible for a writer to write only those things that are known to him; also the writer has got to take into account how other people would be able to understand his writing and write everything according to these two reasons.
Therefore, whatever has been written before has been written according to what the writer knew, at the level of practical knowledge of those days. Now because these days we have advanced a lot since the last great updating of religions, it is time to modify religions and make them according to our times, I believe that there is a time for everything; so, this is what I am going to write next.

Religious Reconciliation Doc
The beautiful ugly beast
Next time with; There is a time for everything

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