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 Menfranco Dreamland Modified 7
Menfranco dreamland modified

Dreams are just another part of our lives, so let us talk about our dreams in this article.

Menfranco Dreamland 

Now, let me introduce you first of all to my general dreamland in a light hearted way:
Welcome to the land of dreams and fantasy!
Let me welcome you to dreamland my friends!
You are all welcome here, and you can stay here as long as you like, because dreamland is free for everybody that in dreams and fantasy likes to dwell.
You can dream whatever dreams you like in dreamland: sweet dreams, love dreams, good dreams, strange dreams, wild dreams and even nightmares. And perhaps if you feel like telling us your dreams after dreaming them, you could even tell us your dreams, since we would like to hear them of course.
And if you happen to tell us one of your dreams, or if you listen to a dream being told, please remember, that in dreamland nobody can tell whether the dream that we may be telling is the truth as well. Since in dreamland lies may seem truths and truths may seem lies as well; because even I, and I am the dreamer of dreamland, but even I don’t know what’s the truth as well.
This is how we feel about dreams when we dream some impossible dreams, where we want to continue to dream whatever we dream, in the hope of being able to achieve that something that is missing in our normal everyday life. We dream also about our day dreams that usually mix up at night with our normal dreams.
Anyhow, we have called this article Dreamland and we will be talking about the dreams that we dream, which sometimes can even become our daydreams. But, since we have to start from somewhere let us start from the most important dreams that we could dream in our lives and these dreams would be our spiritual dream, after that we will go back to explain dreamland in general terms and in a light hearted way, and then back again to religious dreams and other things, you see dreams are a very complex thing to explain.

 Spiritual dreamland

We have reasons to believe that we are made of two different sides, one is our physical side and then we have a spiritual side, the spiritual side cannot be seen as it is supposed to be from another dimension and belongs to the spirit world, so when we dream both these sides play a part in our dreams. Here we may have to accept that the most important night-dreams that we have in our lives must be those dreams that come from the other side, which some people would call the spiritual world of the dead, the world of the dead would be where all spiritual being exist in a parallel dimension to our own dimension, this dimension would also be where God and its angels dwell. From what we have been told there are reasons to believe and our forbears have also believed that the spirit in the world of the dead, or other dimension are able to communicate with us during our sleep.
What we are saying here is not a new way of seeing these dreams, because even the Bible reports many dreams that are God send dreams, and God is said to be able to communicate to the dreamers important things that might be about to happen, or whatever God message would be. So, we may have to imagine or believe that God the spiritual world the souls of the dead and the cosmos are all connected together, even though it is hard for us to imagine how this could be; but it is even harder to imagine otherwise.
If we accept what we have said above, then: May God of the universe and the cosmos of the universe where the angels the dead souls and the wisdom of the universe might be stored, and dreams of the other side come from, let us hope that they would guide us to say the right things in these Dreamland writings?

 Menfranco Dreamland

Dreamland Modified

Dear readers we need to say here that this article was written the first time to cover all sorts of dreams, but now it has been modified because we want it to cover mostly the religious side, so that, it could become part of these religious writings that we are going to write here, you see, it has become necessary to modify our dreamland writings, because I have had a lot of religious dreams that I am going to write here in these religious writings, therefore I need this dreamland article to somehow explain to our readers what these religious dreams might mean and where they may come from if possible.
Having said that, it does not mean that we are changing dreamland completely, it only means that we are going to add some more articles to explain the dreams of religious origin and at the same time take away some stuff that would clash with my religious writings. So if you find sometimes that it does not flow exactly according to religion, it is because this article of dreamland had to fulfil many explanations of dreams when we wrote it the first time, like day dreams, normal dreams and religious cosmic dreams, I hope you see what I mean. So, now let us go back to the way it has been written the first time and then explain what we need to change.
This is the land of, DREAMS AND FANTASY
We dream many dreams during our lives, and the dreams in our lives cover a very large field, some of these dreams can even be daydreams and some others just plain dreams that we dream at night, dreams happen for many reasons and some of these reasons we are going to discuss in this writings, the word dream has many meanings, you see, at this very moment even the dream of writing about dreams can be said to be a dream?
Now, let us talk about dreams in a more personal way and about my own dreams; dreams are usually linked with our own happenings, so dreams may be true or false, I need to explain here and I have to say that, of course I have dreamed the dream that I am telling you and that’s true. But it is only a dream and it cannot be the truth just because it is a dream; but at the same time it cannot be a lie as well, just because what I am telling you, it has really taken place at least inside my mind as well; therefore dreams have many sides and depends on the way you see your dreams. You see, dreams are dreams and they can cover a very large part of just about everything, so, you can just dream about anything including say, some YouTube videos, you see it all can be a dream and here is a link to YouTube just dream about it;

 Now let us talk about day dreaming

Dear readers, let us explain our day dreaming; day dreaming are those thoughts that come to our mind, when we would like to do something that very likely we are not allowed to do openly, or our position is such that we would like to keep our thoughts private, so we start day dreaming to satisfy our desire.
So, here I am, in my dreamland my friends. Because this is where sometimes I like to dwell nowadays, whether I like to be in it or not makes no difference, because my lifestyle seems to have forced me to be in dreamland. You see this is how I felt when I was writing dreamland for the first time, as I was daydreaming to escape my pains.
It had to happen to me, because somehow during my life I got tired and bored from the painful events of my life, and in order to escape my pains and boredom, I have tried to find a way out capable to break that boredom and gloom. Therefore, nowadays in the land of dreams and fantasy I often happen to dwell, which is a situation forced from my life’s events, that were and are even now mostly beyond my control. I believe that most of us end up in a situation that doesn’t agree with us and we try to escape even if we do that by dreaming our day dreams.
I don’t like being in this sort of situation, because by nature I am a doer and not a dreamer, so I would like very much to do some physical work, since that would keep my body fit and my mind occupied, and it would also give me some pleasure when I finish a task, because then, I would feel that I have achieved something worth doing.
Instead I am ruining my health, and perhaps I may be wasting away in the land of dreams and fantasy. But in my forced and hopeless situation I can’t do what I want, and therefore I am forced to dwell in the land of dreams and fantasy, just to keep my mind occupied in the hope that I keep it healthy. So you’ll have to forgive me if sometimes I will sound a bit strange, because in the land of dreams and fantasy everything can feel or be strange.
I suppose by now you know, or perhaps you have guessed already, that in the land of dreams and fantasy there are no restrictions whatsoever, so anyone can dream anything, say anything, think of anything and do anything at all. Because in the land of dreams there are no man made rules, and one is set completely free of all human acquired restrictions.
Because of this great freedom one can let oneself go wild, and dream or think of anything that one likes; and in doing so a person doesn’t harm anyone, or break any man made rules, since it all happens in one’s own mind.
Therefore, in the realm of dreams and fantasy just about everybody may willingly like to dwell sometimes, just because one can dream of anything that one wants; but can’t have it in real life. And in doing so one may be able to avoid being depressed, since one avoids that despair that otherwise may sent one crazy. Therefore, for someone to dream in the land of dreams and fantasy may be said that it is an escape from realty: But at the same time there is no harm done in dreaming, since it becomes an essential escape that serves well all humanity, because somehow it is able to help in keeping a balanced mental health, even if these dreams sometimes happen to be plain daydreams and nothing else. Now that we have explained day dreaming let us go back to normal night dreams.
Now, let us try to classify the type of dreams that we dream at night.

Trying to classify the types of dreams

Trying to classify the types of dreams
Let God or the life force of God that makes dreams come to us help me say the right things in our dreamland writings
So now, in order to continue to talk about dreamland and dreams we need to classify the types of dreams, therefore, let us talk about dreams in a general term and try to classify them the best way we can.
We believe that generally speaking there are two types of dreams, which are: the dreams that we dream when we are asleep, and the dreams that we dream when we are awake, which we have already talked about just now above. The dreams that we dream when we are awake are just wishes and thoughts that we have while we are awake, so one could say they are just wishful thinking; but let us first talk about the real dreams that we dream at night.
The dreams that we dream when we are asleep can be divided into three types at least:
(1) Shallow dreams that seem body dreams.
(2) Normal mental dreams and deep psychological dreams.
(3) Dreams from the unknown, as the Afterlife world and also the cosmic world.
All the dreams that we dream when we are asleep are linked close together, and they can be so close together that it is hard to know when one ends and the other begins, in fact they usually overlap each other a lot. And sometimes also the daydreams can creep into the night dreams.
I will talk about the daydreams later on, but now let us talk about the dreams that we dream when we are asleep.
Sleeping dreams, Type-one.
These dreams seem to be mostly shallow dreaming, and they are often only a reflection of life that we happen to live at that particular time, and part of these dreams we’ll dream while we are half asleep, and part of them when we are fully asleep; these dreams will usually reflect the happenings of the day before the dream, or something that we have thought that was about to happen, or something that our body needs and the need surfaces in our thought as we sleep, so we can say that our activities would and could show in our dreams.

Our activities are shown in our dreams

Since our activities would be shown in our dreams specially in dream type one, it is very likely to happen that if we have had a very busy and confuse day, our dreams will usually show that feeling of confusion, and while we dream of one thing it suddenly changes to something else, and there are times when the very same objects that we have used during the day may come into our dreams, perhaps they will be there only for a split second, or they may be replaced by something else and only the rhythm of the happenings may be present on our dream, we need to look at all those things put together if we want to understand our own dreams, and it would be good to remember that it is the dreamer himself that would be able to understand his own dreams better than anybody else.
Anyhow, these types of dreams seem to suggest that our mind is sorting out the happenings of the day before or recent activities, and perhaps filing them in its own way in a corner of our brain, before our mind can have a real rest and move on doing something else.
A second type of these dreams is when we are asleep and our body feels the need for something, then we may very well dream of the desired things: So if we go to bed hungry in our sleep we may dream of food, and perhaps we may try to eat it but usually we would not succeed, so that our hunger remains with us. If we are thirsty we may dream of water, and of fountains and of any other sort of drinks, but somehow we don’t drink and if we do we wonder why it doesn’t quench our thirst; and this is all because our body needs is still present in our dream.
If we need to go to the toilet for a piss, we will dream of trying to find a toilet, and we will have all sorts of problems to find a spot to piss, and when we have found one and try to piss we wake up, and find out that we have really to go to the real toilet.
If at night we have a bad digestion or something else that affect our well being, whether we are aware of it or not, we may very likely have a nightmare. Here it seems to me that our mind doesn’t want our body to relax completely, so we have a nightmare in order to keep our circulation going faster that it would normally do if we were sound asleep, and in doing so we may solve more readily our present physical problem.
So all these types of dreams seem to have a purpose, which is to adjust any difference needed between mind and body while we are asleep. And also our mind needs to dream in order to review those day happenings, and file them in its own way.
We believe that it might work very much like this:
For example; if you fill up a clean glass with dirty water, and then leave it on the bench overnight: In the morning you will find that most of the impurities in the water are settled at the bottom, and a few that are lighter than water at the top, so most of the water now is clear water.
In a parallel way like the glass of water, while our body rests at night our mind works by settling things down, so during our dreams our mind seems to be looking at the impurities settling down, and our dream are the process of settlement and purification, and when everything has settled our mind then will file them to keep a record and shut them down in a corner of our brain.
The conclusion for this type of dreams is that: Dreams type-one have something to do with the ever present body needs of the dreamer.
What we have written above is an explanation for type 1 dreams; type 2 dreams and other explanation will be written in our next page or article, because hereunder we would like to write about the cosmic or spiritual dreams, since these writings now are being modified and follow more closely our religious views, and the cosmic dreams would or could be linked to religions, as they seem somehow removed from our bodily needs, or at least they seem to be that way?

Explaining cosmic dreams

Here for the first time I am trying to explain cosmic dreams
Let us leave behind dream type 1 and 2 just for a moment, as they seem to have a lot to do with our body needs; because at this point of time we believe that another sort of explanation is required more urgently, here we would like to talk about religious dreams or cosmic dreams that seem to come from the other side, or another dimension so to speak, this explanation of dreams is also going to include our hub, Dreamed about God, since there are several religious dreams mentioned in that hub, here we also need to point out about, The most important dream of my life, that unfortunately is no longer in hub pages but it is now in this site pages, click on the link; “The most important dream of my life” orhttp://manneedsgod.blogspot.com, to check it out, of course there are the Cosmic spiritual dreams, and of course all the other dreams that people dream; anyhow let me try to explain how the whole world of these cosmic or spiritual dreams could be explained.
In order to make sense of the dreams that we dream, we need to put everything together as a whole, and then see how it can work all together, therefore everything has to be in the right place and somehow make sense to our logic human reasoning, for this reason we have come up with this theory:
In order to make sense in the world of dreams, dreams have to be connected in a way that makes it possible for us to dream those dreams and make sense of them, therefore, when dreams are not connected with our body needs as in type 1 dreams, this question arises; why do we dream and where do these dreams come from?
Looking back at history, our forbears believed in the world of dreams and they believed that sometimes the dead would visit us in a dream and give us messages or something like that, in order to warn us of what was going to happen next; okay, what we have described about our forbears beliefs may or may not be right but they believed them anyhow, but at the same time we would like to find a way that includes all the dreams that we dream, so where are the dreams that we dream and why we dream them one may ask?
The only place that they can be is the cosmos, since the cosmos is believed to be capable of holding all the universe records, and the cosmos is in contact with each and every one of us, of course we need to work out how could it happen? But this may require just a simple explanation to start with, whether this explanation is right or wrong we don’t know yet.
So, let us assume that the cosmos is the way that everything is communicated in the whole wide world, therefore there are all sorts of sounds, words and ideas flouting throughout the cosmos, now when we go to sleep we somehow can tune into this cosmos records, and so, we may dream anything at all including the most strange things. Therefore if there is something in the other side that wants to get in touch with us, they know how to use the cosmos and send messages to us, since God and all the other spiritual things are all part of the cosmos.
Well this is just a way to explain things, whether it is right or not I cannot tell yet, but it is just a possible way how thing are in the world of dreams. Of course there are many other ways to explain the world of dreams, but we are going to stop here for the time being.
May God of the universe master of the cosmos capable of modifying everything according to his will within the cosmos, by using his knowledge and the knowledge that exists in the cosmos; we say may God guide us to write the right things in these dreamland writings?
See you soon in our next hub of, Dreamland dreams and beliefs including an outline of sleeping dreams type two and three, which will be found in the hub Dreamland dreams and beliefs. (Cosmic spiritual dreams)


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