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Importance of religions, part one


When there is an important religions event, people will attend whatever the events are.  we believe this is the canonization of, Saint Mary Mackillop, which we are going to write about it in another blog. Anyhow, people have come to the event in thousands, this goes to show that religions are very important even today. Look at this big crowd in Rome.

This is another crown in Rome, here again we can say that people are interested in religion, and they attend most religious events, because they think they are important.

Welcome to our article, Importance of religion

May God help me to say the right things.

Today we want to ask: Is religion important and necessary to exist for all humanity? The answer to this question must be yes, because religion has been important to humanity; it is enough to look at important religious events, to see the numbers of people that attend them.

I believe that religion is necessary to every living soul, because it is in our nature that we need to believe in God and religion to have a meaningful life, you see, we have always felt the need to believe in a higher power and we call this higher power God, which we like to turn for help when we need help. We also need religions to explain our existence.

Anyhow, religions are a set of rules of how people should live their lives, so, they help us to decide what is good to do during our lives. Of course, there are also man made rules that would help us to decide how to live our lives, but those rules need to be enforced by the government authorities, whereas the religious rules are self-imposed, because of your own religious beliefs, therefore, religions have been important, and are important.

You see, if we look back at the history of mankind, we will find that all civilizations had their own religious beliefs. Even though most of those beliefs have been proven untrue, nevertheless they were helpful to the people of those times, because they helped to create a meaningful life for them, according to those beliefs.

Wherever we look, we find evidence that people have believed in religions, with gods who were more powerful than us humans, which we humans would turn for help, when we found ourselves in a dangerous situation. Most civilizations have believed in the afterlife, which would give them some sort of immortality, since no one likes to die and disappear forever. Some religions proved to be good in the ancient world, but a few were disgusting and believed in human sacrifice, to keep their gods in a favorable mood for the rest of the community.

Today those ancient sacrificing religions have disappeared, and the pagan religions have also disappeared, and they have been replaced with Christianity, but some of those archaic religions have left the signs of their existence. So, today there are still statues of gods and goddesses to be seen; there are ancient books where we can get some ideas of what these religions were like; there are some words in our language which come from these ancient beliefs; as there are the names of the planets of the solar system, which come after the name of gods and goddesses of the pagan world; in everyday language, love sex and sexual diseases, they all seem to have something to do with Venus the goddess of love. We believe that it is good, to compare these beliefs that mankind has always had, with today beliefs, because this will show the need to believe in something higher than ourselves. It is our beliefs and spiritual consciousness that push us to do it.


Beliefs and spiritual consciousness

Now that we have looked at old religions and the need that we humans have for religions, let us look at our beliefs and spiritual consciousness that we have ourselves. We know that religious beliefs are complex and there are other things to keep in mind and follow. Because everything we believe, has something to do with our conscious or subconscious mind, therefore, our own spiritual beliefs; it has always been like this and we must find our own ways and beliefs.

Therefore, we may ask, what were those old religions like and where did their beliefs come from?

We have reasons to believe that our consciousness or sub consciousness have always played a part in religion, because things that we believed a long time ago, we are still believing today, so, this field of consciousness is very wide and includes many things, one example could be found in our dreams, the old religions and today religions they both take into consideration our dreams.

You see, since the beginning of recorded time, people have always believed that dreams come from our spiritual side; we believe that dreams can be a way of communication between the living and the dead, which our subconscious mind can communicate at certain times of our lives.

Therefore, when we are sleeping, we could be in a position to communicate with the spiritual world; I want to say this because what follows hereunder are a few religious dreams, which I dreamed and they are so real that I felt that I had met these spiritual forces in my dreams?

Now, my personal religious beliefs are those of a modified Roman Catholic person; I am saying modified because there are some issues that I do not agree completely with this religion.

Anyhow, to give you an insight of my religious beliefs I am going to tell you my religious dreams, as you all know dreams reflect the inner most part of what a person beliefs are. So, I am going to tell you my religious dreams about our Lord Jesus Christ.


First dream about Jesus Christ


In this first dream about Jesus Christ and other spiritual forces, I dreamed this.

I seem to go around in many unknown places, as we know dreams can take us in very strange places, some of these places are good and some are not so good. At one stage during my dream I seem to be in danger, because some evil force or people are after me to rob me or harm me. So, I try to run away from them, while I am running away from this danger, I try to find some safety by knocking at a stranger door, the door opens and an old Lady lets me in, I felt safe in there, because there were wise mature people inside, I wanted to thank the Lady (who may well have been the virgin Mary) for letting me in: But they all seem to smile back at me, as if I knew only half what was going on. So, I started looking around to find the reason, and there I see my own mother beside me in company with the old Lady: So, I could not help it; (as I was aware in the dream that my mother had passed away a few months before) So, I asked my mother: (in my own native language, which translated in English is) Who sends you here to help me? Is it Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary? There was not much else to be said, as I was waiting for an answer from my mother, but it did not happen, but I could feel that I was right in saying that. Anyhow, this dream ends here because I woke up thinking about that feeling of danger. 

One of the virgin Mary photos, which is very much like the lady that let me in, and saved me from that dangerous situation in my dream. 

Dear readers, I have had more dreams about Jesus Christ to tell, but I believe that this blog is long enough, so, I will split my original article of Importance of religions in two blogs, and write the rest of the dreams in our next blog. I also believe that to make sense, I may have to repeat this first dream, at the beginning of our next blog called, my dreams about Jesus Christ. See you soon. 


This is, Religious Reconciliation Doc 

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Why they stopped writing the Bible


This is, Religious people contribution  Part 2

The Bible is a religious and history book of the Jews, they wrote it for about two thousand years, then they stopped writing it. Let us look at some of the reasons why that happened. 

Why they stopped writing the Bible 

Mankind stopped writing the Bible, but what could be the reasons? But before I talk about why we stopped writing the bible, I am going to pray God for guidance, it makes me feel better, it is as if I ask God permission to do that.

Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul, and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever-present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me; So that, I can write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


As we have said, from the very beginning the Bible has been written from the Israelite, today they are known as the Jews. It is the religion of the Jews, where Yahweh their God fills all the pages of this religious book, it is also the history of Israel since the Bible tells us about everything that the Israelite have done during that time; so, the Old Testament of the Bible has been written from the time of Moses during exodus to the time of Jesus Christ; after that the Israelite stopped writing the Bible; so, let us see what could have been the reasons?

One of these reasons could be that after the Jews (Israelite) crucified the lord Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ did not fulfill what they wanted most, which was that they wanted help from their God Yahweh to fight their enemies, but Jesus Christ was preaching peace. Anyhow, Jesus changed the old accepted religious ways; so, the Jews went their own way; therefore, when this happened religion was split, the Jews went their own way, while the followers of Jesus Christ followed their beliefs. So, the Jews kept believing what they believed, and the history book of Israel the Bible was not continued.

As we Christians know, the Bible ends with the New Testament and the four Gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, and then the apostle acts various other writers, some other letters and then it ends with the book of Revelation; this is how the Christian Bible ends even today. Now it is necessary to point out that John the writer of Revelation is not the same John who wrote the gospel, and it was written a long time after Jesus death, some scholars say 190 AD, anyhow the book of Revelation is a very allegoric book and tries to control people, it starts very strong and ends very strong.

The book of Revelation states this and I quote:

(This is the revelation given by God to Jesus Christ so that he could tell his servants about the things that are now to take place very soon; he sent his angel to make it known to his servant John.-- And John has written down everything he saw and swears it is the word of God guaranteed by Jesus Christ. Happy the man who reads this prophesy, and happy those who listen to him, if they treasure all it says, because the Time is close.) End of quote.

Revelation also ends with a very strong warning, or a curse to anyone who changes anything that the writer John has written, so, it is almost freighting, and this is the reason why the Bible has stopped being written.

Anyhow, we must ask again the same question as we did at the beginning; what has mankind done to update religious beliefs? The answer would be, not very much; whether it is the curse at the end of the Bible that stops us writing, we don’t know. Because we believe that something needs to be done to keep religions active in the future.


Let us review our writing task

Anyhow, we believe that religious leaders must use their common sense; they should take into account what is happening in the world; here we are thinking about the Muslim extremist that kill people in the name of their God Allah; so, anything that can be changed should be changed in a way that discourages these religious extremist to use religions for their own ends. Any changes should also be written in such a way that they agree with religious people and the atheists.

Therefore, we must find a way on how to review, rewrite and illustrate religion according to the present times, with the intention of putting an end to the misuse of religions and this is what we are trying to suggest in these articles.  

But today to make people believe in God and religions is not easy, because we want to believe in religion only if there are some advantages for us, and if there are not personal sacrifices. It is a well-known fact, that we do not accept everything that is being said to us these days, because we know a lot more than we used to know. So, we challenge any beliefs if they do not feel right in our mind, and we want mentally to check that everything that is being told, meets our own standard of knowledge and runs in a parallel way with our knowledge.

Therefore, if we want to write about religious beliefs, we must write them in a way that runs in a parallel way to our knowledge. They must reconcile every existing living thing to the living God life-force of the universe; they must be written in a way acceptable to mankind, otherwise it will be a waste of time to write them. Anyhow, I believe that I need help to write what I am trying to write here, so, let me pray God our Father to help me. 

Praying God for help

Anyhow, since we believe that God can help us, let me pray.

In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, which every day I pray from the bottom of my heart to guide me, so that I can write these religious writings according to God’s will, Father, hear my prayer and help me!

As you can see, I have prayed our Lord God, so, I feel more confident. Now let me explain. Religion can be said to be a divine devise to help people live a better life in a collective way. But by observing how the world is being run today, it seems to me that people are distorting those existing religious rules therein, so, they can gain personal advantages for themselves.

So, we must try to set our religious writings in such a way that it would be harder for people to take advantage of religious rules. You see, today people are using religion as a weapon to inflict punishment to others, and some of these punishments are extreme and violent. This behavior makes us wonder whether they are a bunch of crazy people, that do not know what they are doing; but we know that they don’t behave as religious people should do.

So, to overcome that, we should go back to the beginning of religions and start rewriting religious books, beginning with phrases that would be hard to ignore like this phrase here under:

Let it be known to all humanity that there is only one God throughout the universe, and God is life and the life essence of the whole universe. He is the father of every living thing and therefore all our lives depend from Him. And we must believe and think while we are living on earth that every living thing one day must die and must return to Him.

We believe that things described in a collective way, like what we have written above can help.  

Let us discuss religions  

Therefore, we believe that it is better for all humanity to believe in this living God as described above, because a God like that involves everybody on earth and binds all religions together, we need a God like that because there is no better way available, and there is no other God but this living God, which we all should believe in.

Of course, mankind has got a problem in believing in the same God, because there is this driving force within us, which makes us want to be better than the fellow next door. Therefore, it is in our nature that we don’t like to be the same as everyone else, and we don’t want to believe in the same God, our god has got to be better than other people gods.

But if we accept that there is only one God throughout the universe, then religions may become better. You see, it needs to be like that because this is the only way to stop religious differences, and above all those religious fanatics that do violent things in the name of their God and religion; not only that but the truth is that we need to accept that there is only one God throughout the universe, or there is no God at all. Anyhow, I believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, therefore, we need to find a way how to describe and believe in the same God.

To do that, I believe that we need to describe God in a different way, and mankind needs to accept and adjust whatever needs to be adjusted, to get everybody believing in the same God. Because we need to believe in this same God who is our life giver; to overcome these problems.

Therefore, I believe that it is helpful if we can find a way in common, which will help people believe in the same God who is the life force of the whole universe. So, I pray God to help me write these articles. And this would be my personal religious contribution.

I believe that this article is becoming too long; so, see you next time with, Importance of religion?

May God bless us all.


This is, Religious Reconciliation Doc 

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Religious people contribution



There are many religions in the world. So, it seems to me that people, or should we say special people have set up these religions in the past. But today nothing seems to happen in the religious field, or something is already happening and we do not know what is happening. So, we are discussing if people need to talk about this issue, and change some religious beliefs if necessary.   

Religious people contribution needed

Welcome to our article,  Religious people contribution 

May God guide and help me to say the right things?

Anyhow, in this article, we continue to talk about religions, we must say that religions have served humanity well for a long time; but they are the same old religions that we have had for centuries. But today religions are growing stale, because they are old fashioned, since nobody suggests that they need to be modified, to fall in line with the times that we live in.

You see, today everything is changing quickly, because of this new electronic era; but religions are not changing and are becoming old fashioned and stale. So, if we believe in a benevolent God of the universe, and that religions are beneficial to mankind, we should ask ourselves, if we need religious changes, so that religions can be attractive to people, as they used to be in the past, when life was simple and electronic did not exist.

So, I believe that we must decide what can be done, to keep religions in touch with today trend. We have reasons to believe that in the past religions have contributed a great deal more to humanity than today, because the people then were simple minded and accepted religious beliefs just the way it was explained to them.

Today people know a lot more than they used to know, so, they are asking questions about religious beliefs, this can be the reason why religions are running out of steam. You see, mankind has not changed major religious beliefs for about two thousand years, if we are following religion according to the Bible, or other religious books that derive from the Bible. One of the reasons is that we believe that religious beliefs should not change; but if we look closely, we will discover that religious beliefs can change and remain attached to God and the same eternal spiritual forces.

We know that there are other major religions in the world, which don’t have anything to do with what is written in the Bible, but we in the western world don’t know enough about them, so, our comments about them is limited. But if we look at the religions that derive from the Bible, they are the same, that is why religions start looking stale, and that is why the atheists attack religions. Therefore, I want to suggest that we need religious people, to do something to give religions more importance. You see, every now and then some changes are required, even for religions, so, let us discuss it hereunder. 


More religious contribution is required 

Today if we ask ourselves; what have we done about religious beliefs lately? I guess that we have not done nothing. What we are saying here is that after the Bible was written including the New Testament no major changes in beliefs have happened, even though the Koran has been written, The Koran -- Simple Search , and also the Book of Mormon, has been written, and the authors of these two books assure us that they have written them according to divine interventions that they personally experienced. However, these two religious books always refer to happenings written in the Bible; so, it seems to me that they derive from the Bible, even when they show new religious happenings and other religious rules.

There are also smaller and less known religions, which have in common the Bible, since the Bible is the most important known religious book of the western world; for what we know it is likely the first five books of the Bible have been written before any other existing religious book in the world; but some scholars believe that Hinduism is the first religions recorded; one of the books of Hinduism is the, The Laws of Manu

Anyhow, here let us talk about western religions, it would be right to assume that Moses wrote or caused to write these five first books in the Bible, while he was for forty years in the Sinai desert, since Moses had to keep the record of what was happening and to lay down the laws that God was giving him. These writing events were happening about 1500 years before current era, which could be 3500 years ago; therefore, the beginning of the Bible was written by Moses of the house of Levi a long time ago, these books could have been just notes to record what was important to remember. After Moses died the leaders that followed caused their scribes to continue to write, in order to keep the record of the main religious events; so, for about sixteen hundred years or there about all the main religious and historic events were thus recorded.

Now we must understand that the Bible, not only was a religious book of the Israelite, but it also doubled up as a history book for them until the time of Jesus Christ. When the Old Testament came to an end; and the New Testament began according to the Christian Bible and the four Gospel written in it, here the Jews split from Christianity and they have for religious book the Torah. Judaism 101: Torah which I understand as being the old Bible plus something that they believe is important to them.

Now, as we have said, these religious things have been written in the Bible, and the Bible was a continuous book about the Jews history, but then they stopped writing the Bible. there were a couple of events that stopped them writing the Bible, one was the split between Jews and christian, the other is the last episode in the Bible, revelation. But let us see the reasons, in our next blog, Why they stopped writing the Bible. 

So, see you next time with our blog, Why they stopped writing the Bible. 

May God bless us all.


This is, Religious Reconciliation Doc 

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Our religious view points



There are many religions in the world and therefore it is not easy to study or follow most of them, so most times we have to assume there role that they play where they are practiced and form our own religious views? Source

Religious view point

Welcome to our article, our religious viewpoints

May God guide and help me to write the right things.

Dear readers, there are several religions in the world, so, sometimes we would like to share our religious beliefs, because we believe that it can be helpful, today I want to talk about these religious viewpoints.

People of different religions have a different point of view, for these reasons we need to learn from existing religions as much as we can before we can say anything about them. Now, if we want to talk about our religious viewpoint, we need to cover a wide range of religious subjects, so, we can relate to a wide range of religious people.

Now, let us assume that we know how to achieve what we have in mind, because we have learned it for a long time; they are not firm ideas, but it is a start of the process that forces us to see what needs to be done. So, the first question that comes to our minds is: how we should write our religious beliefs, to state clearly our religious viewpoint, and gives us space for adjustment, if any adjustment needs to be done later.

We are going through this process, because religions are based on beliefs and beliefs can be followed by doubts, they can go up and down like a see saw, so, before we can talk about our religious point of view, we need to be sure about ourselves.

You see, I feel as if I have been called to write these religious issues, therefore, I must write them whichever way I can. At this point of time I am asking myself how I can continue to write them. To me it seems that I want to do the impossible, and reach the unreachable stars, by writing these religious articles. You see, I am being driven by this inner force, that pushes me to write them, because that is what I feel within my heart, as if it is a God sent task that I must do during my life.

Therefore, I believe that since God has made me dream this impossible dream. Then, I believe that God will help me reach the unreachable stars and do what seems impossible to do. So, with God’s help I can write these religious writings and fulfill my soul life-duty final goal? So, I am praying God for guidance.

My prayer to God.

Yahweh (Jehovah Allah) our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever-present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide me; So, that I can write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will. Father hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


Our first religious viewpoint

To make it easier for everyone, we have split this article in two religious’ viewpoints. In this first religious viewpoint, we are going to talk about a list of subjects, which we believe we need to talk about to clarify our religious viewpoints.

Dear readers, we know that religions are beliefs, and beliefs can turn to doubts. Because of these inner doubts it makes people ask many questions, hoping that by asking these questions those doubts can be clarified; therefore, these questions need to be answered properly for the people to keep believing in religion.

Therefore, we are thinking how to write this religious article, we believe that the most important part of it is that we should sound convincing to our readers, because they must believe in what they are reading, if they are going to believe in our religious views. So, to achieve that, we believe that we must take our readers through the same process which we have gone through ourselves, even though it is a long and repetitive process, because repetitions are hard to avoid, if we must sound convincing to the people.

So, we believe that we should explain to our readers, that we are born with this inborn sense that we need to believe in a higher being who is guiding us, and that can help us in case we need help? This would explain our theories and why we should believe in religion.

So, we must learn about religions and comment about them, and while we are doing that, we must point out what are the weakness of today religions, and what can be done to correct them. To achieve that we need to have a religious theory in place, and finally how do we write this new religious theory. I believe that the best way to start writing our religious theory is to make a list of subjects, questions and ideas, and then deal with them one by one, so, we can sort them out the best way we can while we are writing our religious theory of, Reconciliation of the universe.

Reconciliation of the Universe is only the name that we have given to this theory, it cannot solve all the existing religious problems, as the name suggests; but it will give humanity a direction saying that if we go along with this religious theory we are better off, because some of the religious problems that we have today can be overcome. This is our first religious viewpoint.


Second religious viewpoint

Our second religious viewpoint

The second religious viewpoint is to find solutions to the existing religious problems.

In these religious writings, we are going to write this theory, that today the people of this world should understand that religious changes are required, because religions have been set-up in the past to fit the past. By knowing that, today people can be ready for religious changes.

The reason why we can do it now, it is because we continually evolve, and our understanding of religious things is better than before, so, everything can change for the better, if we put our mind to it. It is for this reason that we feel ready to welcome a new religious age, which we believe can be called the age of reason, and this age of reason is arriving upon us fast.

Now we must understand that changes, whatever they are will bring in more changes. For these reasons, we believe that to keep mankind believing in God and religions, all religious thinking must be revised, and what clashes with the new theory adjusted, so that, it is easier for mankind to understand and follow religions.

Dear readers you may ask, what’s the reason for revising religion? Well, today mankind start to see religions in a different way; they see things that cannot be explained by reasoning alone, so, they become suspicious about the whole religious order. To overcome this drawback, religion must be presented to mankind in a parallel way equal to their thinking, otherwise people will drift away from their religious beliefs, as is the case with the atheists, they don’t believe in God, because God does not agree with their beliefs the way they are today, and above all, the atheists see what many religious extremist do, in the name of their God and they don’t like it.

So, there are reasons to believe that the time has come, when the old way of teaching to fear God, in the hope that our fear of God keeps us following God commandments. Today the fear of God must be replaced with our love for God, and then explain to the people that God will love us because we follow His will. So, we can achieve the same thing by loving God.

Also, the present differences between religions must be amended, so that they run more in a parallel way to each other, all religious scripture and scientific explanations must be explained why they are different. Religious confrontation must be replaced with agreements and the whole world must be taught to believe that there is only one God throughout the universe; which is the God that gives life to every living thing; we must change this with God’s help.

In this religious viewpoint, we want to tell you that we believe that today mankind is ready to accept all these religious changes, because within every man the age of reason has begun, even if some of us are ahead of somebody else in this matter.


Some personal religious reasons

Dear readers: I am sure that now you want to know, what were the reasons which made me come to these religious conclusions? I can tell you that there are two main reasons: one is that I don’t agree with some religious issues as they are being taught today; so, I have been looking for a different solution, and by using my reasoning mind, I have reached this understanding, so, I want to write about religious issues the way that I personally believe would be right.

The other reason is more personal, and it has grown within me during my entire life. So, let me say that, what have made me come to these religious beliefs are many things, which have happened during my life, and some of these happenings have made me realize that I needed help, but because these happenings were complex, I had to believe that only God could help me. So, I turned to God and started to pray God for help; and the more I prayed God the more I felt that I needed to pray, because my life needs were complex. So, my religious writings here are the continuation of my prayer to God Most High, in the hope that God will help me and my family to solve our personal problems. Therefore, all these needs and prayers have made me feel as if I was driven to write these religious writings.

So, dear readers; please take notice of the following statements because I believe that, I was framed by God to write these religious articles; because I feel forced to write them and the way I feel is thus:

To the most improbable, to the most incapable and to the most unlearned fellow in the whole world has fallen the great task; that task, which all the past and present learned people of the world should have solved by now and should have written it down for posterity: but they haven’t done so! So, now I should start writing this religious theory down all by myself, in the hope that other people feel the same way and continue in the right direction that I am pointing to and follow my ways.

So, help me God our Father the Creator of the Heavens and earth, because I am going to need your help to accomplish this great task. So, I pray you Heavenly Father to let me be wise, and let me write what I ought to write, because I am willing to try my best and write this religious theory, which will be aiming for universal religious reconciliation, but at the same time I am hoping that God would help me, because only with God’s help I can write Reconciliation of the universe, where I can suggest a solution to the great religious dilemma of our time, which mankind has neglected for fear of making mistakes, or because they have been lazy; so, they have been thinking and hoping that everything was all right the way that it has always been.

But to me and to a few other people, it is obvious that something need to be done now, or in the near future to help religion survive as they are today, so, this is the reason why I am writing these religious articles. Today I believe that my religious writings will end with, Reconciliation of the Universe. I know that it is not going to be easy, so, I am praying God to help me. Father hear my prayer and help me, amen.

I believe that I have said enough in this article. Next article, Religious people contribution

May God bless us all.


This is, Religious Reconciliation Doc 

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