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God works in a mysterious way

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God works in a mysterious way
God works in mysterious ways, even in the Bible it says so, and it has always been so since all recorded time. Therefore, my real life story could be said that it just another example, of how god works in a mysterious way.  

This here is the most know fact, of how God works in a mysterious way. Moses met God Yahweh on Mount Sinai and this seems to be the closest encounter with God that man has had, because nobody has really seen God and neither have I? But, I have believed in God and prayed to God.

God works in a mysterious way

Dear readers, as we have said at the end of our last post we are going to tell you a true story, where we will show you that God works in mysterious ways, the following story will show you what we mean:
In this post here we would like to show our readers that there are times in our lives, when everything goes the wrong way and we are forced to turn to God and pray, because we are not able to control the situation that we happen to be in. So, praying God gives us hope and makes us feel that we have done something positive; but not only that, our prayers may indeed be heard and answered from heaven above in a mysterious way.
What I am going to write here is a true life event, which is one dreadful and sad life event that I have lived during my life. So, I am going to write about this life event, as close as possible the way it happened, not because we want your sympathy and feel sorry for us, because this life event has happened in the past; so, there is no need to feel sorry for us. Anyhow, we would like to tell you and show you how God works in a mysterious way; therefore, I am going to tell you what went through my mind at the time of this event and how I prayed God Almighty to help me.
I prayed God Almighty with all my heart, my soul and my mind, so that I would be able to find my way out of such a dreadful situation that my entire family happened to be in, because of what my daughter unknowingly had just done by running away from us. Because my daughter had run away from us, therefore, I was praying God to help me, because I as a parent felt responsible as parents should do, and also because I did not pay the attention it deserved when this happened. So, I started praying God that I would find my daughter who had left home because of her mental state, and also because of her mental state she would be exposed to dangers, so in my despair I was praying God to bring her back home safely.
Dear readers let me explain myself here, because I know that what is going to follow here is a painful sad story and most people are not happy to hear sad stories, because they would like to hear happy events, but never the less it is a true life story and it needs to be told as close as possible the way it happened, we hope that you are able to read our story without becoming upset from the sad events.
Now, let us go back to our story; anyhow here I would like to say something before I start writing about this personal story of anguish, and how God works in a mysterious way, I want to explain to any post readers, that what I am writing here now would be too personal for me or my family, if I publish it just how it was written the first time. Therefore, I am going to change this story to an impersonal story, as much as I can, so I am trying to find a way on how to do it without losing the powerful meaning of this real life story, perhaps I need to change our personal names and a few other things. In this next sub-article that I call anguish, which I am going to write here-under, and then, you will see what we mean when we say, God works in a mysterious way, and later on, we are going to talk about, God is hope for those who need hope most.
Here I would like to point out that these praying events could happen to most of us, when everything around us becomes so hard to bear and we are looking for help, whichever way that help would come from, and when that help is not available in any human form, we are forced from our inner self to pray and believe in God, in the hope that God would help us, this seems to me just like what one of my friends called Mark says sometimes, man needs God, because God is hope for those who need hope most, and what I am about to tell you here will prove just that point and also how God works in a mysterious way, you see because of what had just happened, I was praying God with all my heart, my soul and my mind, since this case that I was in seemed to be desperate; and therefore I was praying God in my despair for help.

Praying God in despair

See my anguish writings here-under

Anguish of a father that fears for the safety of his mentally sick daughter.
The day that you left me and went away, it was the darkest day of my whole life,
I was so scared for you that my heart cried, and not knowing that else to do I started to pray. And I prayed and prayed with all the strength that was within my heart, my soul and my mind for your safety my darling daughter.
To God our Father the creator of the entire world I prayed, calling on His mercy and asking Him to bring back my beautiful daughter (name) safely home;
And this is how I prayed to God our Heavenly Father:
Yahweh (Jehovah) God of the Israelite's that in the Bible your greatness is so well described, Father and Creator of all living things, You that know about anything and everything, to you I turn and to your great mercy I appeal.
Father have mercy for me and my sick daughter, my sick daughter that ran away from me because she was very sick and she didn't know what she was doing, I fear so much for her safety because she might die, and I don’t know how to find her and help her now. So help me Father to bring my daughter back to me safely home.
I partly blame myself for this happening, because I haven’t been able to see properly the state that she was in, and although there were some signs of her sickness, I didn’t understand them for what they were, and therefore I didn’t try hard enough to prevent this happening of running away. Perhaps this has also happened because I have been forced to be the weak leader of the family, since my wife usually opposes me and she tries to run everything her own way, so I have to let it go and let my children do what they want sometimes.
But what else could any other father do in my place? With a family like mine and every member headstrong, and with my wife that always tries to undermine my command, sometimes I feel lost.
So, I pray and ask you Our Heavenly Father to help me, and through the cosmos of the universe send me a sign that I will be able to see. So, I pray you Father to help me, and after my prayer, I will see what comes through my mind, and whatever comes through my mind, I will believe that it is your will Our Heavenly Father.
And after my prayer this is what came through my mind:
Rise up your staff and transmit your command, let all your sheep know what you want them to do, since you are their father and their shepherd as God intends you to be their leader, therefore God has given you the full command. So, here is what God through the cosmos of the universe will suggest to you.
Be just, be brave, be firm, and do not give in: But be also kind, loving and merciful at the same time, and guide your sheep always safely home, that’s what God wants you to do all the time.
Back to the dreadful and sad event of my life now I shall return, so that I can tell you the outcome of my prayers. Because I prayed so hard on that very dark day of my life, and with all the strength of my heart prayed to God saying; Father help me to bring back (name) safely home, because if I lose her I could even die, and that will be the end of everything for me.
And if that happens, then I will not be able to write any more what I had in mind to write, which is about your greatness in this religious section of my religious writing Heavenly Father, and these writings I would like to call, Reconciliation of the Universe, This is a theory that might be able to guide religious believers together in the future, at least that is the aim for writing it. So please, Father I pray you to help me to bring my daughter back home safely and then make her well again, and I promise You that I will write Reconciliation of the Universe if that goes according to your will, but today first I pray you and think about my daughter safety, Father, hear my prayer and help her.

God works in a mysterious way
Therefore, to whosoever reads these religious writings, I have promised God to write these religious writings called, Reconciliation of the universe; because in my heart I wanted to promise God whatever I could, in the hope that God would hear my prayer and help me; whether what I promised God is right or wrong to do, I do not know, but, this is what I promised God to do when my daughter in her sickness went astray, and I indent to keep my promise to God our Father, unless God Our Father, in its own ways lets me know that this is not His will.
I believe in God that’s in heaven, and I believe that He really helped me find my daughter (name). Because the day after that she went away a strange thing happened, a taxi driver from Melbourne called my home in Brisbane concerned about my daughter and the state that she was in, as she seemed to him that she was very much confused and didn’t know what she was doing. So we gave some instruction to this taxi driver, to take her to a certain safe place, and then off I went to Melbourne by plane, in the hope of finding a way about how to bring her back home.
To me the taxi driver that rang my home has been the means that God has used to bring my daughter back home. Because the taxi driver being a complete stranger could just have thrown my daughter out of the taxi and forget about her, but God suggested to him to call my home, and that is how God helped me find my daughter; this is how God works in a mysterious way.
So to God Almighty I owe many thanks, because in his mercy He gave me the means to bring my daughter back home, and now we have to try to make her well again. So, I have reasons to believe that if I pray to God, then God will help to make my daughter well again.
So, let me find the way and the courage to pray God and say what is deep within my heart; let me be able to pray and tell God the great personal pains that are within my heart at this moment, so that, in his mercy God may hear my prayer and grant me my earthly requests.
Now let me say this, to whoever reads these religious writings here, I want to make this very clear that what I am writing here is my personal prayer to God Most High, who is my only hope for a better life for my sick daughter; because I believe that no one else could or would be able to do what I am going to ask God to do for my daughter except God himself. So, I believe that I have to do something very special for God, so that God may take notice of my daughter problems and help us. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons why I am writing these religious articles here, and I am also writing my prayers to God Most-High here under, in the hope that God would take notice of my plight and help me, and here-under are some of my many prayers that in my hours of need I have prayed and pray God even now.
I believe that this article is becoming too long, for the average readers of today, so, I am going to continue this article next time, with a post called praying God for a miracle. See you next time
May God bless us all?
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God works in a mysterious way
Next time with; praying God for a miracle
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