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Bible understanding necessary

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Bible understanding necessary

When we find ourselves in a place that we are not sure what to do, or we would like to understand something that is difficult to understand, we may have to ask questions to other people, at the same time we should ask ourselves and think hard what these issues might mean, it is only natural to do so and we should compare them, not only with what other people may say, we have also to compare it with our own human understanding.

The Bible is the most read book in the entire world, it is believed to be God's inspired and therefore God's word, but then it might be only partly God's inspired and not all of it God's word, because there are reasons to believe that the most of the Bible would be man made, even if God really inspired some of the main writers of the Bible.

Bible understanding necessary

May God guide me to say the right religious things in our religious articles?

Understanding what is happening

Dear readers, this post could be said that it is the continuation of our previous religious posts, where we have had talks with our religious friends several times, the outcome of these talks was to point out many religious issues; one of which was that understanding the Bible is necessary. In a way these articles that we are writing here are religious studies; now when we talk about religious studies, we don’t mean that we should understand the Bible the way that most people do today, because we believe that they are somehow missing something very important, so we are going to study the Bible and have our own conclusion. So let us see what is happening in the world today and together with our study have our own conclusion.
We have to admit that understanding what is happening today is necessary, because we have reasons to believe that today religions seem to be less attractive to the public than they were in the past, we know that there are many reasons why this is happening, some of which can be explained easily, some other reasons may be a bit harder to explain; however there is this need to know and above all explain to ourselves why this is happening, therefore, it would be a good thing if we look for those reasons that affect today religions.
In order to do something positive for all humanity, we need to discuss this religious situation openly; we need to do this with an open mind and there should not be anything left behind, everything should be looked at very closely, even those things that seem at first sight that they could never be wrong need to be looked at closely, just to see if there could be another meaning to our interpretation of religious books that we have been using and we use even today, perhaps a complete review of our religious beliefs is necessary and this is what we intend to start in our religious study here, therefore in this article we will start with these views in our mind.
In order to do that let us start with what sort of issues we need to talk about in this article: in this article we will be talking about: Understanding what is happening; then, Bible reviews are now necessary; Bible reviews about bible curses; and Praying God to shield us from curses. But let us first put our readers at ease with this paragraph that we have written for our reader’s peace of mind:
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation and Reconciliation of the Universe religious writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that one day they would not be able to fight each other any longer about religious issues. Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might be able to achieve just that.
For this reason, I am praying God to guide and help me say the right things in these religious writings.
Almighty and merciful Father, hear my prayer and help me, amen.
Now let us see what we would like to do or achieve;
We will have to set the stage for the entire world to see.
And whoever will read these writings might have to agree,
That here we are trying to find a way to God for all humanity;
In order to stay in touch with God-life-force for eternity
And therefore, I am praying God to guide and help me.
Almighty Father I pray you with all my heart my soul and my mind earnestly, in the hope that you would guide and help me; Father hear my prayer, amen.
Bible reviews are necessary
Today Bible reviews are necessary
Looking at what is happening in the world of religions today, especially if we look at the Roman Catholic order and also all other religions that come from the Bible, one wonders what is wrong with religions today, as they seem less and less attractive to the people themselves; therefore some of these people start asking themselves, if the religion they are in is the right religion, for this reason they may change religion during their lives, or they may even leave religions all together and become atheists.
It is for these reasons above that we have already said many times in many ways; we have reasons to believe that we must find a way how to review the Bible and also other religious books, without offending religious people that belong to religions that have come from the Bible and other denominations, if we want the existing religious orders to work the way it is supposed to work. Of course how that could be done we do not know properly yet, but it needs to be done in the near future, in order to neutralize or make it less attractive for people to leave religions and become atheists; and there are also the extremists, which these days seem to be taking hold in the Muslim community and if they keep growing they will upset the present religious system of the world.
Perhaps we should abandon the views that the bible is laterally the word of God, as this does not help the situation and it does not make sense to the atheists in the first place, it also gives rise to extremism because some believers may easily make believe or may be led to believe that they are doing God’s will from their religious leaders; even though God has nothing to do with what they are doing in God’s name. Therefore, if we admit that the Bible is man-made, then it can be reviewed without causing any harm to the religious community at large.
So, let us start from this post that I am editing now which talks about Bible curses: You see what we are going to try here is to study the Bible closely and see what makes sense and what does not make sense, using our own logic human reasoning, and when we find that it is not exactly the way that it has been explained to us from our elders, then we should find why it does not; and when necessary we need to express our own meaning, so that a better interpretation would be available to the believers. Now let us start with, Bible reviews about Bible curses.
Anyhow to talk about bible reviews and Bible curses is going to be a long explanation and this post is becoming too long, so see you in our next post, where we are going to talk about Bible reviews.