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Dear readers, this page is all about us, so we are using it to link our readers to most of the articles we have written on the Internet; for this reason we have selected our best articles in Hub Pages and made a short list of them, so that our readers would be able to read them by clicking on one of the links of their choice below here, the rest of our links will also be pasted below our selection. We also would like to add our other blog links, Google sites and Yola sites links, for our readers to follow.
These are our best religious articles

Prayers of Reconciliation
This includes new prayer as seen necessary
Prayers for Reconciliation
This is the beginning of our religious articles 
God exists because life exists
Some discussions about the existence of God
God works in mysterious ways
Sometimes in life things happen that take you back to God 
 Importance of religion
Religions are important for everybody
God works in a mysterious way
Some life happenings take you back to God
Angels greetings
This is my vision that was started in Prayers for reconciliation
God's central sit of government
My vision as a seer of how God could really exist in the universe
Angels, Saints and human souls
Still talking about the spiritual universe
Nature of the Universe and earth
Describing how these things could link together
Pointing out why we need to believe in God
I have had many dreams about God, here are some of them
Just another way of seeing how we were created. 

This is our short list of our religious articles the rest of our links will be pasted below

These are our best links D.I.Y-brickwork and others

DIY brickwork 
Trying to pass some building knowledge
Building a brick base
This is the continuation of DIY brickwork
D.I.W. house repairs
Describing so repairs or renovations       
DIY Retaining walls
Describing hoe retaining walls are built
Describing how the tradesman mix their own
DIY property for rent
Some insight how to go about renting your own property.

These is our other short list, the rest is below.   

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