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Welcome to our page 48, The Bible is Hebrew History 
The Bible is Hebrew history 
What we call today the holy Bible is a book with a double task, in the Bible the Israelite people wrote their history, and this includes the religious side of their history, for this reason alone it became a religious book.

One of the main stories written in the Bible is the story of Moses; the Bible tells us that one day Moses went to the top of Mount Sinai, where he met God in the form of a burning bush; God the burning bush said to Moses that he was Yahweh god of the Israelite, and then told Moses to go back to Egypt to free his people.

The Sinai peninsula map with marked route of the Israelite. The Israelite seem to be lost in the Sinai desert, because instead of moving towards the promised land they moved away and they took a long time to reach their father land.

The Bible is Hebrew history
Dear readers, here we would like to point out in this post that in the ancient world people history and religions were written together, they were not separated like they are today and whatever happened was written down mostly as religion, because it was the religious leaders that knew how to write and what to say and what to do and how to control people in most circumstances, for this reason the ancient Hebrew history and religion were written in the Bible as well, by now we all should know about that, even though today we think and use the Bible as a religious book only, but if we read the Bible and we try hard to forget that the Bible is a religious book, it follows that then we will able to see that there is more Hebrew history than religious writings.
We would also be able to see that those religious writings that are written in the Bible have been written to control the Hebrew people, which are hard to otherwise control and in those times religions were used to control the people, since religions and government were (most likely) the same people using the same rules.
For this reason religions had to be made to control the people, therefore, since the Israelite was strong headed a very strong God was needed to control them and show them what to do. This might well be the reason why the Hebrew god had to be so powerful. Can you just imagine a powerful god that created everything and crated man from plain dirt? This God would be so powerful indeed, don’t you agree. So, let me ask you again this question in a different way; can there be any other god so powerful that would be able to create everything including man from plain dirt? I do not think so.
The Hebrew were indeed headstrong and selfish people, if you want to see what I mean, try to imagine the Israelite when they were in the desert and what they did, even after seeing all those things that Yahweh their God had done for them, as we know they were delivered from the Pharaoh slavery because of the seven plagues and many other things that Yahweh did for them, and then afterward the crossing of the Red Sea on dry land; but even though they had witnessed all these supernatural things, they still had their own rebellious ideas that they wanted to follow, instead of following their God Yahweh, as we have also mentioned in our previous article.
Now, we need to say that this hub is being written to discuss and comment about what is written in the Bible, not only about the religious aspect of the Bible, but also about the Hebrew history that is written in it, so that a better understanding of the Bible could be achieved.
Now, looking at what we have already said, it seems to me that there must be another explanation, why the Israelite were had strong; here we have to admit that something does not add up in the Bible, because there is a discrepancy in the narrative of the Bible; therefore there must be another explanation, which is that ether the Israelites were really headstrong and wanted to see only their own ways and this means that God might have made a mistake to choose them as his people, or perhaps God did not do those many things that the Bible says he did?
Here I suppose that we need to explain ourselves better about what we want to say with these religious or spiritual writings, You see, we do not say that the Hebrew God Yahweh does not exist at all, in fact we are pretty sure that Yahweh God does exist, but he exist in a less powerful form than the Hebrew people have described him, of course Yahweh is still a very powerful God, but He is less powerful than the way he has been described from the Hebrews; of course there is a lot more that can be said about Yahweh God of the Israelite, so let us see what happens on the Sinai desert.

In the Sinai desert

The Israelite in the Sinai desert
The Bible says that the Israelite stayed a long time in the Sinai desert, at the beginning the Israelites were given laws from Yahweh their God through Moses: they were counted and assigned there place around the tabernacle, they were given their tasks as Yahweh God was telling Moses and many other things that would take a long time to tell, so if you want to check all these details it is necessary that you read the first five books of the Bible; this is the link, but anyhow what is so incredible here is that Yahweh God dictated just about everything through Moses.
Here again what is written in the Bible seems incredible, as God did so much work and every single aspect of the Israelite life was regulated as Yahweh ordered through Moses, and then Moses and his brother Aaron would pass to their people. Therefore here again we may have to ask, did everything really happen as it is written in the Bible and Yahweh God did all this programming?
Or perhaps it only seems that way, just because later on when the Bible was written, it seems that Moses and Aaron were in charge of this fastidious group of Israelite, who seemed never happy about anything, so they had to be guided with whatever means possible, so they might have exaggerated what Yahweh was telling Moses just to control them. Anyhow, whatever was really known or written in the beginning might have changed, because it was written and re-written later on many times, anyhow these religious laws were written is such a way that the Israelites were bound to follow these religious laws. We believe that the people then were guided by religions more than today, or just it was necessary to control the people with religion in those times, as people believed in God and religions more than these days.
If one had to compare the old religions with today religions, we should search for those religions that have not changed much, and for that reason they retain still that religious control of the people, one of these religions is the Muslim religion, which does not seem to have changed, here religion and the laws of the land seem identical in the Muslim world, or at least we from the western world see their laws as being mainly religious driven.  
You see, today no matter what we do or say about religions we always have some doubts in our minds, in fact we are not even sure if God really exists; anyhow this is how we see religious things today and here we are talking about ancient times.
Anyhow, in the ancient times, if Yahweh God really came down to earth and helped the Israelites that much, how come that every now and again the Israelite people had doubts about their God; may it be that God did not do as much as the Bible said he did?
You see today if anything would happen just the way that have happened in the Bible, or how the Bible claims that they have happened, I am sure that just about everybody would follow religion and their God blindly; anyhow let us continue the story of the Israelite and their God.
There are many things and happenings that don’t add up as they should, one of these strange happenings was this: You see Yahweh had promised the Israelites the Promised Land, but as we know the Israelites of those times did not follow God every time blindly, in fact they did not believe that they could really take over the Promised Land from the people that were already there, as God had promised them, and for this reason Yahweh punished them by making them stay in the dessert for forty years, that is until all those people that had doubts died and a new generation took over.
This single happening makes us ask many questions here, so: what was the reason why the Israelites did not believe in their God Yahweh? Was it because God did not do those things that the Bible claims he has done? Or were the Israelites blind and did not see what was happening around them? Or is this all an invented religious story written later on to control the Israelites? I am sure that we will never know the answer and there will be always doubts in our minds, but we have to live with it, and every one of us should follow with our own religious beliefs.
As you can see from what we have written above, while we are trying to explain whether the Bible is a religious book or the Israelite history, we end up questioning the questionable, above all whether these things really happened as the Bible claims, but let us sees what happens in the religious circles, because we believe that religions and everything else changes with time. 

From old to modern religions

We need to move from the old religions to modern religions it is the sign of the time and get ready for the religions of the future, since they are coming one way or another.
As we have seen above, there are many more things that can be said here, about the Israelites and the Old Testament in the Bible; but we will have to come back to continue what is written in the Bible another time, when we edit these writings again and again, you see our main task today is not that we want to write here what is written in the Bible; because our main task is to find a way how to explain to you those religious doubts, that we have found when we were reading the Bible and also what could be done about it, in other words what we could or should do about them, because we believe that they need to be addressed so to speak.
What we are saying above is not that we should change anything that is written in the Bible, to the contrary, we should keep what is written in the Bible the way it is, because the Bible belongs to the past and the past cannot be changed; but we should learn from it and together with other thing we have learned we should plan for the future, because some minor religious changes may happen in the future. Of course this is not the first time that humanity has done that, if we look back at history we will see that many religions have given way to new religions, the way that we see this is that religions have got to agree with the times they are in, if they don’t the public will slowly move away from them.
Therefore now let us go back to talk about the Bible religions and Christianity, today as you know the Old Testament is no longer the most important part of our religious beliefs, since The New Testament is what most western religions are following today, therefore, it seems to me that religions are just as everything else, they have their life span so to speak, as we have said above, so, soon or later they become too old and they have to be somehow modified.
Now we believe that there must be a way to a modern religious system so to speak and this is what we are chasing in these religious writings. Here I have to say that in my own ways I am writing all these religious writings for the benefit of mankind.
Of course we have already a theory that we are writing and we are going to put forward, in our next group of hubs in part three, but before we do that we also need to say a few other things, starting by looking briefly at the New Testament in our next hub, since this is just another link of the chain that binds every religious thing together.


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