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My religious concerns

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and this post, my religious concerns
My religious concerns

Whatever we do, we need to believe in what we are doing, here I believe in God and religions, so, I need to pray God with all my heart, my soul and my mind earnestly in the hope that God would hear my prayer and would guide and help me.

Eva took the forbidden fruit from the tree and gave some of it to Adam, this is where our troubles began, because God cursed the serpent and Adam and Eva were also cursed from God, because they had disobeyed his command and had eaten the fruit.

In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, to you I turn God-Most-High of the universe praying with all my heart my soul and my mind; I am praying you Almighty Father hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins and.

Religious Writings Concerns

Welcome to our post, Religious Writings Concerns and prayers
May God guide and help me to write the right religious things in these religious writings?
Sometimes my mind just wander, what those learned people will say about these religious writings that we are writing here, because they are not the accepted religious beliefs?
When we look at the religious world of today, one must be concerned about saying anything at all about religions which do not follow mainstream religions, or even the lack of religion like atheism. Now, if we take into account atheism as religion or lack of beliefs and religion, then we can see that one can divide humanity it two extreme religious groups, the believers who believe in God and creation called also creationists and the atheists who do not believe in God and creation but they believe in evolution, with most of the other groups in the middle, this is not the best way for everybody concerned, because everything is set in a way that could pull apart. So, what is the best thing to do one may ask soon or later?
My answer to this question is that one should follow what one believes that is the only way to go about, what else can one do one does just what one believes in this case of religious beliefs.
So, I suppose that I have to try not to worry too much about my Religious Writing Concerns, because if I worry too much, then I have lost the battle before I start even fighting for it, or in my case writing this religious text. Anyhow, I believe that I have to write these religious writing with the intention that one day they would be able to link all existing religions together, at least this is our intention, so, these religious writings have got to be written in such a way that they might one day overcome all those obstacles that keeps religions apart, and if we are able to suggest the right things, then religions may survive the way they are, or perhaps they will become modified and they might be able to become a single super religion.
I have to say that sometimes I ask myself, why I am writing this religious theory, which is hard for me to write just because I believe in something that needs to be done, but at the same time I have not been able to explain clearly how and why I am writing these religious writings even to myself, but somehow I believe that this event is inevitable, and even though we are studying religions, we do not know everything about them, but I know that one day, as I keep writing I am going to write a good explanation for this and hope that the public will accept that easily. But as thing are just now while I am writing this without a strong explanation to the public, I am sure that all those learned people will try to attack me in many ways, in order to discredit me and my beliefs, one of the reasons is because people hate changes. So, if and when it happens, I will be forced to defend my position whichever way I can, I am sure that all this will happen, because what we are stating here is different from the old and accepted religious beliefs.

 What will learned people say

What will learned people say?
We already know that there will be some learned people that will say that I am crazy, and above all that I am not a well-educated man like they are, so, why I dare to write this almost impossible theory about religions, which is a subject that even well learned people would not dare to write anything different from what is already accepted and known, because of the many problems that this may create. They will be blaming me even knowing that our intention of writing this theory is clear that one is trying hard to solve existing religious problems.
So, my concerns are that they will want to say straight into my face: How dare you write all this religious stuff knowing that you do not even know how to write properly as we do, since you have not been trained as a religious writer? So, if you have any Religious Writings Concerns you are right because you do not know how to write, and they will say many more harmful things against me, while at the same time they will try to find all sorts of excuses for not writing something themselves on this important religious subject that the world really needs; for this reason I have started writing because nobody else seems to do anything at all.
Defending my beliefs
Ant how, when they attack me and my religious writings, I will be forced to defend myself and this is one of my many answers to them: The duty of any good and worthy man is this. A man has got to do what a man has got to do, and the duty of any good man is that he should give back to the world more than what he has received from the world. You see, when a man is born he receives the gift of life, and therefore, he should try to create other lives if it is possible for him. During his life he learns many things and by the time he is old he knows more than when he was born, and more of what an old man of his own age would have known, at the time when he was born; therefore the duty of any good man is to give back to the world what he has learned from it, in order to improve the knowledge and the position that he has received since his birth. And by writing what he has learned during his life, then, when he passes away he would be able to give back to the world a bit more than what he has received from it, and by his contributions and other good people contributions bit by bit the whole world one day may become a better place, and all humanity will benefit from it.
Here I have to admit that, of course there are other personal concerns in my case; you see, while I am writing this article, I am praying God to protect me from any harmful affect that these writings may bring me because of the unknown. So, what are my greatest fears you may ask? Well, I am going to write about them in our next post called, these are my greatest fears and prayers.
These are my greatest fears and prayers
Dear readers, I suppose that now you can see why I have these Religious Writings Concerns, because, not only I am concerned about how to write my religious theory, but I feel also some personal fears from the public at large. My greatest fears about writing these religious beliefs are that what I am writing here will upset many religious people, because they will find hard to understand what we want to convey to them, so, perhaps they may feel threatened from our religious theory, because they are living in a religious world of their own, which they have created for themselves, or somebody else has created these religious beliefs for them in the past, so they fear any change to their present religious beliefs, therefore they would be unwilling and also not able to change their beliefs easily, for this reason they would hate us for writing our religious beliefs the way that we are going to write them, and they would want to curse me for writing them, and this cursing is just another of my main worries and fears, just because I am a religious believer.
You may ask why I would worry about curses and stuff like that, it sounds childish. But you see, I am a religious believer and whoever believes in God and religion cannot help to believe also in the possible existence of curses and their effects.
For these reasons I am praying with all my heart my soul and my mind Our Heavenly Father, who is the life giver of all living things on earth, I am praying in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ who is the bridge and the way that binds us to God the Father, and since Jesus Christ did come to live with us on earth as a man he knows our human misery and our pains, I am praying to Jesus in the hope that Jesus would intercede for me the spirit of God Most High, in the hope that they would shield me from curses and would also shield all the members of my family, from any curses that these writings might attract, I am praying also for past exiting curses, present curses or future curses. May God help me from these curses! I am also praying to let the spirit of God Most High not only defend me from these curses, but also to give me back anything that I or any member of my family may have lost because of the curses, so that, the forces of evil will not be able to take advantage over me or my relatives. So let me pray God to help me overcome my fears, so here under are some of my prayers.

 These are my prayers

These are my prayers to overcome my fears:
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, to you I turn God-Most-High of the universe praying with all my heart my soul and my mind; I am praying you Almighty Father hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins, and that you would make me spiritually clean of any impurities that may affect my soul, and thus I would become worthy in your eyes to pray and be heard and be your humble servant, and I pray also to be allowed to write these religious writings in your name.
Almighty Father I am praying you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who once lived with us here on earth and knows our human misery, our fears and our pains; here I am praying in fear of the unknown, since what I am writing here is not yet known and it might bring down unknown personal risks to me. Father I am praying you to shield me from any danger that may arise from these religious writings, whether they are in the form of real physical threats or curses, from people that oppose these religious writings
Almighty Father I am praying you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ to shield me from the forces of evil, since the forces of evil may want to harm me just because I am writing these religious writings and also for other unknown reasons.
Almighty Righteous Merciful Father I am praying you with all my heart my soul and my mind earnestly, I am praying you to make good any injustice that I or my family may have received, whether these injustices have been caused from curses or from the forces of evil wanting to upset me and my family. I pray you Father to set everything right the way that it should have always been according to your benevolent will, so that, the forces of evil should not prevail, and they should not be able to take advantage of me and your righteous system. Father, hear my prayer! Amen.
Dear readers, you know, I start to believe that you understand me, why I have these Religious Writings Concerns, and also my fears of curses, as I have been writing above about my fear of curses and this brings back to me the last page of the Bible that sounds like a curse to whoever changes anything in the Bible, so, I have still a lot to learn how should I overcome all that negativity. I suppose that this is what I will be talking to my friends, next time we meet for a religious meeting. You can see what I mean in Hub, The Bible Curses.
I am worried also about some religious extremists, because they might want to physically harm me, just because what I may be saying might well be a contradiction of their beliefs. Therefore, in their extremist view they would want to harm me, or even kill me, so that their extremist beliefs are not interfered with. May God help me from these religious extremists! You may say why go this far and upset their religious feelings? Would it not be better if you modify your writings so that you don’t upset them?
The answer to these questions is that the reasons for which I am writing these Religious Writings here, is not to contradict them, but, it is because I would like all religious people to see once and for all, that God and religion are not there to kill and make wars; but they are there to help all humanity to live in peace and in harmony with each other’s. Therefore, if we have to modify these religious writings to suit anyone at all they will become not worthy to be written, because they become useless.
So, these are my Religious Writings Concerns as you can see? And now, I have to believe that if I keep writing in God’s name, in the end, God would help me in many ways, and God would help me write the right things, and therefore by the end of these writings all will be properly explained to you our readers. So, in next hub, let me tell you what the aim of these Religious Writings is?
Next time; what is our religious writings aim?

Friday, September 18, 2015

What concerns me most


There are many religions in the world, so to talk about religions is very complex, but if we want to try and improve the situation, we need to talk about those religious difference that exist today, so let us discuss it even if I am concerned.

Some religious people meet and try to talk out their difference and that is a good thing for everybody, let us hope that one day they find a way how to improve the situation.

Sometimes I am so concerned that I start praying God to guide and help me, because I am concerned that I might not be able to explain the situation clearly.

What concerns me most while I am writing?

There are many things that make me concerned; and at this point of time I am really concerned what to write next, so I better pray God for guidance, since I am trying to write God’s things.

My prayer

In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, I am praying to you God Most High, I am praying thee because I am concerned about what I should write here, so Father give me the courage to continue, if what I am writing here is according to your will, Father, hear my prayer.


While I am writing my religious beliefs I am concerned that I am not a trained writer, because I have never been trained as a writer; therefore I believe that I will not be able to write down clearly enough in a few lines what I have in mind, so that the readers could understand at a glance what I mean; therefore I have to try to explain myself properly in many ways hoping that the whole subject becomes clear in the end, as I continue to write our religious writings of, prayers for reconciliation.

I have to say that, at the present time I see that I am partly repeating many things, just because they might be a bit different from last time and this concerns me, because if there are too many repetitions all my writings will become boring to say the least. But it is so hard not to repeat religious issues, since religion is a subject that you have to convince people, and what is more convincing than to repeat those things again and again in a different way, so that people soon or later may understand what you want to convey to them.

I am concerned also when I have to write a prayer, because prayers are going to be a large part of these religious writings of, prayers for reconciliation; here I feel that I have to start most times in the same way, as I want to concentrate at the highest praying level possible and pray to God Most High, therefore all my prayers tend to start the same way.

I happen to be concerned about what people will say or think about me and my writings; Since I am not the best writer as I have already said above, I am only perhaps a half learned person, I am not a prophet, nor can I say that I have proof that what I am saying is definitely right, even if I personally have some personal evidence about the supernatural. So everything put together is concerning me, I will continue to explain this in another chapter.

Yes, I know that I have seen this angel from Heaven that has greeted me as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe; But at the moment of this special encounter I was too scared to say even a word and I ran away from the angel; therefore now, I don’t know whether the angel would have given me a spoken message from above and what that message could have been. Therefore now I keep asking myself: What I am writing here, is it what the Heavens above want me to write? And if it is not what should I do? Why my inner self is driving me to keep writing my own beliefs and therefore I have to write them. Some of this inner force comes from my beliefs that I can see things through my mind eyes better that the average person can.

Let me explain, you see, just by looking at the religious world of today I feel concerned, because at the present time most religion of the world disagree with each others, and I am sure that if they don’t find a way out how to adjust and agree with each other soon they might end fighting each other seriously. At this very moment while I am writing this post, there is a war going on in Iraq that involves religions directly, for this reason I believe that something needs to be done to prevent these unwanted religious happenings, so, it is for this reason that I am trying hard to find a way out, even if what I am saying here is going to be only a hint that the existing religions could use to reach agreement and prevent religious wars in the future, of course it is up to the religious leaders of the time to accept what I am trying to suggest here. Now this sounds a valid argument if we think about it, but I am still concerned about my religious writings in case they might bring more harm than good.

What concerns me also is that people may not understand me, and my way of seeing religious things; here I mean the way that I see how God Most High works, as in my beliefs I see that God Most High is the collective positive life force of the entire universe, and therefore this includes all existing gods that we believe in, in the whole world, and how this life force could be connected to all existing religions, and also how all existing religions would be connected to God Most High.

Now, having said so much, I become concerned about what the world of learned religious leaders, and also others learned people will say about these religious writings. So, I am writing next post for them. So see you soon with my article, Religious writing concerns and prayers and what will those learned people say about these religious writings?

Religious Reconciliation Doc
What concerns me most
Next time with; what will those learned people say   

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Guidance and concerns

I am praying God for help, guidance and concerns

Welcome to our blog, Religious reconciliation doc, and

and to our post, Prayers for guidance and concerns

May God guide me to say the right things in these religious writings?

In this post, we will be talking about: I am praying for guidance; what sort of guidance we need from God; what concerns me most while I am writing these religious writings.

I am praying God for help and guidance

When we are concerned we usually pray God, it is only natural.
I am praying God for guidance and concerns

Let us explain to our readers in a more definite way, the intention for writing these religious writings is to find a solution to the existing religious problems of today, therefore, we hope that one day we will be able to set a way of seeing religious things that we miss seeing today, so that a new way of understanding is reached, for this reason I am praying God for guidance, since I am concerned about what is happening in the world in the name of religions.

You see, if we believe in God and we believe that God would answer our prayers, then we should all pray God for guidance and help, because then God could help us or at least it could make us feel better about our concerns, since God may help us to find a way out of our problems, so let us pray; hereunder is my own personal prayer. 

Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind, first of all I am praying for forgiveness of my sins, so that I would become spiritually clean, and my prayers would be heard and accepted. Here I am praying for guidance and help, I am praying in the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying and hoping that the ever present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me today; So that, I would be able to write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will, since this is what I am trying to do just now. Father, hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.

Now that I have prayed, let us see, what sort of guidance we need today from God?


 What sort of guidance we need from God

First of all because we are writing religious issues we need God guidance, because that is the only way that we would be able to write God’s things with an open mind.

Therefore, now that I have prayed for help and guidance in my last article and above, let us talk about it. We need God guidance and help, so that we would be able to find our own way about, on how to reason within our own minds in order to find our own religious way, about what we are, what we were, and what we will be in the future, for ourselves and in the eyes of God?

Let us explain to our readers this; there are reasons to believe that life is an ever changing stage, and therefore we have to say that even our own beliefs are changing every day of our lives, you see for instance, as we grow older our minds would be thinking more and more about the afterlife possibilities, we may have to admit that this is just a normal human happening that everybody seems to experiences. So, whatever I might be writing here as an old fellow could be more and more religious I suppose, since what I feel within my heart is that I long to find out if there are connections between this earthly life and the afterlife, I hope you see what we mean, because even with this issue we need God’s guidance and we need to believe in God.

We have to admit that we need God guidance everywhere, but at the same time we need to use our own mental imagination of course and with our intelligent mind examine everything that we presently know today, and also try to learn as much as we can from existing record of common knowledge, so that we would be able to understand many things if not everything altogether.

So let us start this process of self-examination right now.

So, let us look at the whole picture of everything that we know and that we are supposed to know, first of all it comes to my mind that life on earth has kept going on all the time since the very beginning of times, and what we call time or times can never be stopped for a single moment to move towards the future because that is an impossible thing to do.

But what we call time, even though it is impossible to stop and to change in anyways within itself, it brings change to life and other things as it passes and moves on towards the future, so that, it is necessary for any form of life including our own life to try and adapt to the times that we happen to live in including our own life, in order to survive and thrive.

Therefore, any of these changes that the passing of time brings to us must be taken into consideration, no matter what they are even if they don’t seem important to us now; so that we could find a way to use them to our own advantage in the future, considering this position it becomes obvious to all of us that we have to do something in order to adjust to our new position that the present time brings to us. Therefore it would not be any good to stand firm in our previous practice or beliefs, whatever those practice and beliefs would be, even if those practice and beliefs have helped us many times and for many centuries before today, because they reach a point where changes are necessary.

So, today we need to look closely at our practice and our religious beliefs of our present times, and we should use our intelligence that God has given us, since it has been given to us from God for good reasons, so that we could look after ourselves diligently.

I believe that today we the people of this planet earth have reached a very high standard of understanding and that we are able to reason and understand facts and things much more diligently than what we used to do in the past.

We should feel lucky nowadays just because we are living in a very fast progressing time. But there is also a downside to this progress, since progress means improvements over the past times, and improvements many times bring change of directions, therefore we are the generation that will have to adjust to the present times more quickly than the previous generations, and then we should try to guide the future generations in the right directions.

Here we are writing about religions and we believe that today we need a religion that covers both people and spiritual things together and bridges the old religions and the new ideas together.

How to start all this happening the right way is hard to say, but we have to make a start somehow, otherwise we are going to fall behind the progress of our present times, so, here I am going to write something about this religious subject, even though I am concerned about how and what to write. This would be another reason why we need guidance from God, since we are writing religions and therefore God’s things.
Anyhow I believe that I have said enough in this post, so see you in our next post, where we will be writing about
 Religious Reconciliation Doc
Guidance and concerns
Next time with; what concerns me most   
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