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About God and the atheists

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This is how the painter Michelangelo painted God face, he looks a very firm and just man.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is said to be the son of God and therefore also God, but this set up does not agree with the atheists, so we need to look for who or what might be acceptable as God for them.


About God and the atheists

 Welcome to our post about God and the atheists. May God help and guide me to write the right religious things in this chapter, being also part of Prayers for Reconciliation religious writings.
As we all know the atheists do not believe in God, so, God and the atheists are worlds apart, but most of us believe that we need God and religions, so we cannot follow the atheist ways since we believe that we need God and we believe in God, for this reason we will be trying to find a way how to modify religions, so that we may continue to have religions and God just the way it is today; at the same times we are looking for the existence of a god that even the atheists might have to accept, so let us try our best to achieve that.
As we have already said in our other posts, these religious writings are being written in good faith for the future benefit of mankind. In these writings we are in search of ourselves in a religious way, so, while we are discussing about God and the atheists in these hubs, we will also be looking for religious options that could improve links between existing religions, this might alarm some of our religious readers, so, we have written an explanation here under, for our readers’ peace of mind.
Written for our readers’ peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, we say, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings fully before you pass judgement and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together; therefore our religious beliefs and the existing religions will remain just the way they are today. So, don’t you worry if our religious writings could sometime sound different from the ways that we usually hear religions being preached, Because there is no need to worry about it, as it will all be explained as you read all our religious writings, and then, you can judge for yourself at the end of our religious writings of Prayers for reconciliation and Reconciliation of the Universe?
In our last posts we have talked about; Prayers and religious discussions. In this post we will be writing about: God and the atheists or God for the atheist.
Now that we have written what our intentions are, let us say a prayer to our Father God Most High, in the hope that God would hear my prayer and helps me say the right religious things, in these religious writings of, God and the atheist.
My prayer to God Most High
Almighty Father I pray you with all my heart, my soul and my mind to guard and protect me from all dangers and the forces of evil and let me be a very wise man, so that I would be able to live the rest of my life according to your will, and write these religious writings as humanly as possible according to your will and in such a way that humanity may accept them and use them one day for the future benefit of mankind. Father, hear my prayer amen.
We believe that there might be a god even for the atheists
This article is about the atheists and their beliefs in the non existence of God. This atheist attitude is already causing some concerns between Christian believers and atheists, and it might cause one day more unforeseen hardship to the people that believe in Christianity and God, because they might feel unwelcomed from the atheists, just as much as the atheist could feel unwelcome from the religious believers, if and when they go to a place where everybody frequents. For these reasons it might be good if there is a way that one day we might be able to show the atheists that there might be a god even for them, of course this god has got to be close enough to the atheists own beliefs.
Therefore, in this article we are going to put forward a new theory that there could even be a God for the atheists, that the atheists might believe in, if we fail to do that and we are not able to convince the atheists about this possible god existence that they could believe in, there might be many unseen religious problems in the future.
For these reasons that we have described above, all religious believers need to be ready for these events that might happen soon or later if atheist beliefs cannot be changed, because there will be a day when the atheist might win their way so to speak, that day will be a hard day for the believers. So, if and when the atheist win their ways and God as we know it now might not exist anymore, we should still try to find our way back to God, because mankind needs God, so, we should explain our religious position to the atheist in such a way that even the atheists would be convinced that indeed there might be a God, or perhaps that we really need a god, even if this new found or made up God or modified God is a bit different to the God we know now, in the hope that the atheists might even become believers themselves of the new modified or made up God.
After all as we have said already, Man needs God, and perhaps God needs man, otherwise what does a god mean if there are no followers? And also, what will those people that rely on religions for guidance do if there is no God and religious guidance?

Talking about the atheists god

Believe it or not, there might even be a god for the atheists
So, let us talk about this possible god or impossible atheists’ god
Now this question arises, what sort of god could or should be like for the atheists to believe in the existence of God? Would it be possible that they might accept a god, if this God is simply the life energies of the universe, just because the life energies of the universe cannot be denied?
Now, dear readers, allow us to reflect a bit on what we have already said in last article called, Prayers and religious discussions, (this is the link if you want to check it out: Prayers and religious discussions, 14 It seems to me that there were two main issues one of which was/is that, religions and God is hope for those who need hope most, the other most important issue we discussed there was about the atheists.
As we all know the atheists are people that don’t believe in any sort of God or religions, and they believe also that the world could be better off if there are no religions at all. Personally we don’t agree with their ways of thinking, therefore we have to say that we could not believe anything they might say ether, because we have reasons to believe that mankind needs God and religions, it has been so since the beginning of the known world, so let us describe briefly how we see the history of religions hereunder.
You see, when we look at the history of religions, we cannot avoid noticing that there have been many religions in the past, which have lasted for a while, then something changed and also religions changed every now and then, so, what was believed for a short while or perhaps a long time slowly died away and was replaced from another form of religion. Perhaps not completely new but at least modified; so religious beliefs may be able to modify with time without any harm to the religions themselves. Therefore, if one believes that history usually repeats itself, if we allow enough time for it to happen, then there would be no harm in changing some religious beliefs, as we have tried to explain herewith.
Of course, now these religious questions arise; Are we at that stage when religion needs to change? What should we do if they need changing now? It might also happen that religions are slowly changing by themselves and there is nothing that we can do to stop that, but one day we may have to accept this new religious way that they have become; for this reason should we ask how and why they are changing?
Of course we know that there are a few causes that may changes religious beliefs, and one of these causes is that today everything is changing very fast, and changes bring in other changes as we all know, so religions may be changing as well.
What is the main cause one may ask?
We have reasons to believe that today the computer brings knowledge to all people very fast, this new knowledge makes people ask questions, because they want to check out for themselves everything; so, soon or later they will not be satisfied about their own religious beliefs, because they can see some aspect of religion that does not make sense, and therefore, they will start abandoning the existing religions, unless these existing religions change in a way that satisfies the people beliefs and they are according to the modern values that people attach to them.
Now since religious change is going to happen soon or later and we believe that one day it will be inevitable, we need to think what sort of ‘God’ people would accept in the future.
Therefore, hereunder is a description of God of the future, which the atheist people might even accept, as it is a lot closer to their way of thinking.
Anyhow this post is becoming too long, so we will talk about this God for the atheists in our next post. See you soon.
May God bless us all?

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About God and the atheists 
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Gino's comments

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Now this picture represents God as a man. God here seems so powerful, is it just our imagination that we see God thus?

These are Gino's comments
Dear readers to understand this post you need to read our previous post of, Religious discussions, so that you can follow what Gino is saying or in a way commenting on our previous speech and this is what Gino is saying:
Let me talk about Mark speech first: I have to say that Mark and I agree on most of these religious issues, so there is no point in repeating them, I only would like to say a bit more about the last group of people who we call the atheists, as they need to be noted about their ways of thinking and speeches, I would say that any religious believer should avoid talking to any of them about religious matters, because soon or later those atheists are inclined to ridicule the religious beliefs of the believers, and because, they are usually good intelligent people, it is hard for any average religious people to defend themselves from this group.
They attack believers usually by asking proof of the existence of God or any religious matter, so Mark is right when he calls them the danger group of religious beliefs. We really need to think hard how to defend ourselves from this group, if we want to save religions and keep religions as close as they are today. Let me show you a few examples about what they usually talk about to get the believers off guard.
You believers say that God is Omnipotent, now if God is omnipotent then god should be capable to do anything at all no matter how difficult the task is.
Now, there are many things in the world that need to be fixed, why your god does not fix them? For these reasons we say that your God most likely does not exist at all; and/or he exists He is definitely not omnipotent, or he is not willing to fix anything, so your god is not your fatherly benevolent god that you say he is. Therefore your religious beliefs are flawed and you would be better off if you don’t believe in your God.
We say and believe that we are right to assume that there is no God and religions are there only to control people, now since religions fight with each others, it would have been better if religions did not exist at all. Do you see what we atheist mean?
This sort of reasoning goes on with many gods attributes and they challenge the believers to give proof of the existence of God and its attributes. So it is hard for any believers to give proof of God and its attributes. How can any believers give proof about God?
And god omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and many other God attributes?
This is how the atheists attack any believers with this sort of reasoning; they do that because for the atheists God and religion would be better if they did not exist. What can be done to change their attitude is hard to say. But then if nothing is done it can result in more harm to the community, because they will slowly make the believer deny their God.
Now, let me see what I can say about what you just said Frank, I can see that you are trying to find a possible solution, but what sort of solution you do not know yet, it is just as I was saying it is hard to know what can be done; I have to say that there are times when I think that today’s religions are missing the point, they don’t know how to keep the people believing what they have always believed; because times are changing, but religions are not changing at all, as they fail to see the need to change.
Therefore I understand you Frank when you say that something needs to be done, and I say also that perhaps it is time to do something about it and find a way around it. Looking at what has been said, I see something that perhaps can be done, so, may I suggest that we start to read the Bible bit by bit and comment among ourselves how many interpretation can we give to that part of the Bible, it might turn out that there are interpretation that can apply to these modern time.
I hope I have explained myself clear enough in this difficult task.
Your speech is clear enough for me I said; then I turned to Mark and asked: what do you think of Gino speech mark? His speech is very clear for me too; in fact it is just about what I would have liked to say myself. But now, where do we go from here I don’t Know?
I suppose I need to say something myself now about what we have talked about; what I see here is the need to review what is written in the Bible, and also think hard if what is written in the Bible was write at the time it was written, but today it may not apply and therefore we may need to adjust things, as the needs of the day suggest.

Frank's comment

Mark and Gino, now that we have seen and talked about in these religious discussions, and what you have found for yourself while talking to people on these religious subject, what religious people think and what atheist think, I hope that you may have changed your previous opinion, and therefore, now you might be thinking more like me; which is that something needs to be done to help religions find a way of peaceful existence, if peaceful existence can ever be found.
We have to agree that, to achieve complete peaceful existence is not easy the way religions are today, therefore, I believe and I hope that you agree with me that religions need to be reviewed and brought in line with the present times. I have to say that at this present time nobody wants to listen to our religious approach, so there is not much that one can do presently; but one can always start thinking about the possibilities, if one day something can be done to solve this religious problem for good.
I believe that, the only way that this can be achieved is to come up with a theory, which allows the existence of all religions as they are today; but at the same time finds a way and be able to shows it clearly to the people that all religions are one link of the same chain. I know this is not as simple as it sounds, but if we keep looking we will find the way to show people that we are looking for. Under here might be one of them.

This is the portrait of  the philosopher Baruch Spinoza who thought that God could be different to what the people of his time thought God was like, but he could not say much, because he could upset the powerful church.

Now let me say this: while searching the Internet, I have found that there was a philosopher called, Baruch Spinoza, 1632-1677 who believed that it is more likely that God may not be just the way that religions want you to believe nowadays; but it could be that God was more like Mother Nature therefore it is more likely that we all are part of God and God is everything or at least every living thing in existence.
So, let us see what this sort of reasoning takes us; Let us assume that God could not be exactly how we have been thought god is like today; then it may well be that God is more like what Spinoza believed god was like, this may very well be the link that we need to find in order to link all existing religions together.
Therefore, if we think a bit like Spinoza and add to the knowledge which we have today, we might be able to describe a god which could co-exist with all religions together.
So, let us put out minds together and see if we can describe this God for all; which we could call God-Most-High. Mark and Gino, what do you think of my idea?
My friends Mark and Gino said; well, it seems a bit strange to us, but your idea is an idea and it might even work, so, let us try to make a list of how this god-most-high could be; just to see if we are able to find a way to Spinoza thinking about, what is God?
Very well I said; you see, a while ago I was thinking this same thing, so I have already written something about, what is God? So, I am going to show you soon what I wrote:
I think we have said enough in this post, but we will continue with these same religious discussions in next post, see you there.
May God help us find the right religious way? For this reason I will be praying God to help me with this prayer:
Almighty Father, I am praying you with all my heart, my soul and my mind hoping that in your mercy you would guide and help me, Father hear my prayer, amen. 

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Gino's comments 
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