Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Dreams about Jesus Christ, part two


This is a photo of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I have chosen this extra large picture, because it is very much the same as I dreamed Jesus. Except for the fact the Jesus head was above me in the sky and winking at me, instead of being on a level field.   

Dear readers, this is part two of our article, Importance of religion

I must say that I have already written this dream in part one, but I feel that I have to repeat it to make sent for the readers that have not read part one. Anyhow, in this first dream about Jesus Christ and other spiritual forces, I dreamed the  following.

I seem to go around in many unknown places, as we know dreams can take us in very strange places, some of these places are good and some are not so good. At one stage during my dream I seem to be in danger, because some evil force or people are after me to rob me or harm me. So, I try to run away from them, while I am running away from this danger, I try to find some safety by knocking at a stranger door, the door opens and an old Lady lets me in, I felt safe in there, because there were wise mature people inside, I wanted to thank the Lady (who may well have been the virgin Mary) for letting me in: But they all seem to smile back at me, as if I knew only half what was going on. So, I started looking around to find the reason, and there I see my own mother beside me in company with the old Lady: So, I could not help it; (as I was aware in the dream that my mother had passed away a few months before) So, I asked my mother: (in my own native language, which translated in English is) Who sends you here to help me? Is it Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary? There was not much else to be said, as I was waiting for an answer from my mother, but it did not happen, but I could feel that I was right in saying that. Anyhow, this dream ends here because I woke up thinking about that feeling of danger.


Second dream about Jesus Christ 

From our article, Importance of religion

I had one more dream soon after this dream that I have written above, that is after a couple of nights or there about: and here again it seems that the evil force or evil people are after me, as they want to rob or harm me, it is because they think I have in my possession something that’s important to them, I do not know what this something is, but they are all after me anyhow. They seem to catch up with me, and I feel that I could not escape from them anymore, so, I knew that I was in grave danger because they were the evil ones. So, in my despair I turned to heaven and prayed God to help me. At that moment, there was not a cloud in the sky when I started to pray, but soon two large eyes formed in the sky and they were looking down upon me, and winged at me benevolently, a large and well-defined head formed in the sky like a portrait, and this head seemed to fill up most of the sky. At the sight of this God send head figure the evil ones were frozen with fear and did not move a single step to grab me. So, they all stopped frightened in a corner of this lake, while I was on the shore of this lake looking back at them, as they seemed to shrink in size on a small boat, it was as if they wanted to hide from this mighty force up in the sky.

At the same time I became aware that, what the evil ones wanted from me did not belong to them or to me, but was something that had in possession, which had to be divided into three parts, and one part of this belonged to mother: The dream did not explain who the mother was, and since it is very unlikely that it would be my mother; then the mother very likely would be mother nature, or perhaps God, since God is everywhere and could be said to be equals to mother nature.

After that, when I woke up in the morning, this dream became very important to me, because in the morning I found a red spot on my forehead between my eyes, it was small, but it was just like one of those religious people from India make on their forehead for themselves.

So, my question is now: Did I in my dream really call on this heavenly force? And the heavenly force came to help me, and then left a sign on my forehead to let me know who that heavenly force was, and that I should remember the meaning of this dream that I dreamed.

I hope you see what I mean, when I talk about religious beliefs and the Importance of religion.


Dear readers, I believe that Our Lord Jesus Christ is our link to the spiritual force of God. So, we need to believe in God and our lord Jesus Christ in the hope that we can gain eternal life.  

Jesus Christ the morning star

Dear readers, I am sure that after reading the title of this sub-article you want to ask me, how many dreams about Jesus Christ I have had?

Well I have had a few dreams about Jesus Christ, and this is another one of them.

Now to give the right meaning to the following dream and prove the Importance of religion, hereunder is a religious dream that I had, and it seemed so real that I felt that I had indeed met this spiritual force.

So, I dare ask these questions to you my readers. Do you believe in dreams? Do you believe that we may communicate with the spiritual world in our dreams? Has anyone else met Christ? Even if this event was only a dream, because a while ago I did answer this question myself in a discussion group and this is what I had to say:

The question in this group discussion was: Has anyone else met Christ?

I had to answer that question thus:

Perhaps I have met The Lord Jesus Christ in a dream? To make a long story short, I will only tell you this important part of the dream.

As we all know dreams are always different from normal life, sometimes we dream dreams that are somewhat in another dimension, or physically impossible in real life, anyhow, I was dreaming that I was flying in the sky, a lot of times I dream that I am flying, so, this dream is a normal dream for me, and this is when I believe I have met the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is the dream,

I was dreaming that I was up in the sky above the sub-continent of India and I was 
searching for I don’t know what. Anyhow there was a very large benevolent field force near and above me, this force was filling about half the sky of India; I felt that this heavenly force was very friendly to me, so, I did not do anything to avoid it or to inquiry about it; at a certain point this force spoke to me to introduce itself in a friendly manner saying: 
Do you know who I am? (And then in answer to itself said) I AM THE MORNING STAR. 
Although this dream lasted a bit longer, there was not much else of importance said after that between me and this field force and the dream slowly fades away. 
At the time of this dream I had no idea who could be THE MORNING STAR: 
But since then I have found out that 
THE MORNING STAR could only be The Lord Jesus Christ. 
So, I believe that this dream is my close encounter with the lord Jesus Christ.

This is what I could call my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Of course, THE MORNING STAR has different meanings to different people, but for me in my dream THE MORNING STAR can only be The Lord Jesus Christ, see Revelation the last page of the New Testament, where Jesus introduced himself through this angel saying. I am of David’s line, the root of David and the bright star of the morning. I believe that I don’t need any other proof to believe that the morning star in my dream was indeed our Lord Jesus Christ.

Now that I have talked to you about my religious dreams, I can go back to talk about importance of religions and the first question, what were those old religions like?


What were some old religions like?

Because we want to analyze religions, in this article, Importance of religion, I am writing this chapter not because I want my readers to believe in the following old religions; but because I want my readers to see that people have always needed religions. I want them to understand that even though these religions were false, they gave the ancient people who believed in those religions a sense of help, so, they felt better for practicing them and believing in those religions.

Just to give you something to read about those old religions, here is a link to one article in Hub Pages from Anita Smith; http://hub.me/agotI

Now if people can feel better practicing religion even when later it proves to be false; then how much better it can be if one practices a true religion were God is real? This is the question which I want my readers to understand and to keep in mind, that the aim of my writings is to find a way how one can find our real living God, and how to practice the true religion. Anyhow, let me go back to talk about old religions.

Some of those pagan religions believed in many gods and goddesses: The ancient Greeks and the Romans believed that their gods and goddesses were immortal, and they lived on Mount Olympus Greece. Every god had special tasks to perform, which were very much like the ministers of a democratic government of today. Those gods had as their king Jupiter the most powerful of them all, he had in his hands thunder bolts which could strike anyone when he wanted; his wife was Juno who was a very strong and powerful goddess. Jupiter was the son of Saturn and ruled all over the earth, there were other gods and goddesses who helped Jupiter in doing what had to be done, some of which were: Mars god of the war, Mercury, Apollo, Venus the goddess of love, and many more. Jupiter also had two other brothers, one was Neptune king of the seas, and the other was Pluto king of the underworld.

But if one wants to understand what these gods were doing one should read old literature, like The Iliad, the Odyssey or The Enid and other old books. There is a lot more to say about old religions: but since old religions are a thing of the past, I believe that I have said enough.

Dear readers, I believe that humanity needs religion to live a meaningful life; so, we must try to find and believe in the true living God and the true religion, if we want to live our lives properly.

Today religion is not as popular as it used to be, so, this question arises; what can we do to make religion attractive to people? Do we need a different approach to Religion?

So, let me start from the beginning, and step by step by rational reasoning we must find our way to the meaning of religion in our life. So, in next article, I will talk about people life and religions.

See you soon.

May God bless us all.