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Religious discussions

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The pope is usually a very wise man, as he represents the Christian wisdom on earth

Manu is a very ancient wise man he belongs to the Indian religions

Religious discussions

Dear readers, we all need to talk to our friends sometimes just to see what they think about your own beliefs or ideas, which could be religious or otherwise; I am saying this because I am sure that you would like to know why I am bringing in my friends to talk about these religious issues.  I know you are saying why bring them in when you already know most of the answers about what you want to write and discuss? But you see even me need reassurance and since my friends were willing to help me, we had a meeting to talk these religious things. At this religious meeting Mark, Gino and three other friends came as they had promised.
At the beginning of this meeting we were all behaving just like children, as we all wanted to push above all our own views without listening to each other, so I thought that the meeting was going to be just a waste of time, what else could it be, as we had never had a meeting with an agenda in mind to discuss. But then, my friend Mark soon became aware of my feelings and he said; Look the way we are going about is not going to get us anywhere, if we want to help Frank, and since we are here to help Frank, then, let Frank be the one who talks first. After he states his views we will have plenty of time to state our own views.
So, there and then, I had to put my very mixed thoughts into words, and I didn’t even know how to start in front of my friends, as confusion was on my mind, not because I was really confused, but because what I wanted to say was so complex, just because what I was aiming to achieve at this meeting was not easy, since we had a decision to make about these future religious writings that I wanted to write, therefore everything that I had in mind was complex, but in the end I said:
My dear friends, I can feel within my heart that you are my friends indeed, because you have come forward to help me on this very difficult decision that I am facing today. Now let it be understood before we start that this task of mine is not going to be easy for anyone of us to achieve, so if you still want to help me to succeed in writing my religious theory, which I would like to write, because of my personal spiritual circumstances, then, first of all I will have to tell you that it is going to be hard; because, what I have in mind to write is going to be a very controversial religious subject, so there will be lots of people that are not going to agree with our religious views, but then because of my spiritual circumstances, I feel that I want to do it, because there is a time for everything and this is the right time; this religious time that I am talking about I believe is very close, so, I feel that even now is time to start. Having said that I have also to say to you this, if you are my helper, because people may not like what I am going to write, they could also not like you for helping me. So you better consider that for yourself right now is that understood?
Having warned you of what might happen to us all, now I feel free to say how I see this unusual situation and try to reason what can be done. I believe that it really takes more than a few very wise people to be able to begin solving this problematic religious situation, and whether the existing religious situation could and would be solved nobody knows. So this question arises; in theory are we going to be wise enough to solve it? Or at least to get it started in the right direction? So that one day humanity would be able to solve these religious problems that we see today, as we all know about the atheists and the religious extremists.
I need to say that I have reasons to believe that it all depends on our wisdom and our beliefs, so, let us make it simple to start with, because if we believe that there is a god, then it follows that if we believe in God and religions, then God will help us achieve what we are willing to achieve.
Now let me talk a little about Wisdom, which is something that we are going to need so much, if we are going to solve anything at all, so hereunder are my views about wisdom since we are going to need it.

Wisdom and knowledge

Views about wisdom and knowledge

During our lives many issues arise and some of them are easy to solve, some others are not that easy to solve; for instance, today we would like to solve these religious problems that exist in the world, so how do we go about to solve them? First of all we look at these issues and see that the world religious issues are also spiritual circumstances that may exist in every one of us, therefore we have to be very careful here as they are not easy to solve; the only thing that we can do here is use our knowledge and wisdom if we have any. Now let me explain what wisdom is in my opinion: Wisdom is the mental capacity of a wise person, whom when confronted with a problem is able to solve it better than the average person, because he is wise.
Therefore, his/her wisdom is usually an accumulated knowledge of all those events that this person has lived during his/her life; therefore this wise person is capable somehow of using this accumulated knowledge to his own advantage, therefore when a problem arises he/she would be able to solve it better than the others people.
It is not known why one wise person becomes wiser than somebody else, even though they might have lived most of the same events together, so, we may have to guess at the reasons why, so, let us say that some people are better able to assimilate their accumulated knowledge, perhaps by storing it at the highest level in their own mind and when the need arises they are able to use this accumulated knowledge to their advantage.
Since wisdom (accumulated knowledge) may be stored at one level higher that just logic reasoning, so, it may seem and feel like a sixth sense to the wise man that has it. The wise man knowing what he should do by this intuition of his sixth sense, he also uses logic reasoning just to make sure that everything is all right to back up his wisdom.
Of course there are other possibilities also, so we better mention something about this, some people believe that there is also a small possibility that the wise person may be able to tune into the cosmos, which is thought that it may be able to store the entire accumulated knowledge of everything in the universe just like God, this thought of course gives rise to this question.
Is the cosmos an integral part of God of the universe? Well it may be part of God.
But here we are talking about wisdom and not God. So the definition of wisdom and where it comes from may still remain a mystery to most of us, but that does not matter because we can use wisdom our accumulated knowledge to achieve our goals. Therefore we are going to use our accumulated knowledge, which together with our logic reasoning may be able to come close to achieve our goal. And as I have said before, it seems to me that now the time has come for us to do something about it, I see it and you may see it that there is a time for everything, so let us try and see what needs to be done, and let us study what is around us, so that we may understand better the situation, before we do unnecessary things that could make the situation worse, but anyhow it seems to me that the time has come for us to do something about these religious beliefs; because as we have said there is a time for everything, and this is what we will be writing in our next post. See you soon.
May God guide us to achieve something useful?  
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