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May God guide and help me to say the right things in these religious writings 
This is an imaginary constructed photo of when the world was young, as it is described in Genesis Creation. Here we can say that man has really a good imagination to invent all these things, but they needed to invent them, in order then the Bible could be credible. 

Here again is about the beginning of the bible, it is about Adam and Eva, here Eva is about to take the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge, which God had forbidden them to eat. 

Talking about creation
We want to talk in this article about how the world and people were created, at least how some of us believe it was created; but as we all know as soon as we mention the word creation most of us that live in the western world think about the Bible creation, this is just because we have been taught to believe in this sort of creation since we were young, because our forebears believed and talked about this creation as we do today; but then if we look at other religions and beliefs of the entire world population we realize that not all of us believe in the same type of creation, therefore since we claim here that we are studying religions and the ways they serve humanity, we have to look also at least to other main religions and how the world was created according to these other religions and also the creation of mankind. You see it would be necessary to do that in order to have a better understanding of all religions and what are their differences, starting from the beginning and therefore creation.
Of course there are also the possibilities that all sorts of creations that the religious people put forward don’t exist at all, because it is possible that everything happened by itself as it is claimed in the theory of evolution and other things that the modern scientists claim to be possible to happen.
But here at this point of time, we don’t want to argue about whether we have to believe that creation according to religions is right or evolution is right, we want only to see how most religions explain creation and the creation of mankind. In order to do that we are going to describe a few religions and how they explain their religious creation? So let us start with the Bible creation, since we are part of the western world religious beliefs:

Creation according to the Bible
So let us see what the Bible says by using and navigating this link
In order to describe this creation according to the Bible, we are going to ask a normal layman called Don how he does understand creation according to his religious beliefs.
Okay Don, we are trying to understand the people about what they think about creation, so we would like to ask you how you understand creation according to your own religious beliefs?
Don answer
I am a Roman Catholic born and baptised therefore I believe in creation according to the Bible. You know the Bible is supposed to be the word of God, or at least God’s revelations through the prophets; therefore I believe that God created the world in seven days at it is said in the Bible, even if I might have to allow that a day in the Bible might not be one day of twenty four hours as we know it today?
Don can you describe us creation itself please.
As you know; in the beginning God started by creating heaven and earth, at is said that the earth was a formless void and God created them. I know that the Bible might describe that better and make more sense but this is how I see it.
There was darkness over the water on the earth and God said; let there be light and there was light, and God saw that the light was good and divided light from darkness and he called the light day and the darkness night. God also divides the water of the earth and the sky. This is the first day of creation.
After the first day of God’s creation in the Bible, God continues to create the rest of everything else in next four days as we know them and then the sixth day God creates man.
Here Don stopped as if he had said everything that there was to say, so we had to ask Don again. Don please can you continue to describe the creation of man please.
And Don said
Now the creation of man is a bit strange, because there are two descriptions in the Bible, the first description says that God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves, and then he said let them be masters of everything we have created. Now you listen carefully what the bible says next, because this is a quote that I am quoting from the Bible, Quote: God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. End of quote.
Then God blessed them, saying to them, ‘be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Be the masters of everything; this is more or less what God said to them. Of course this is not all because there is more to say about man creation, which will be written here-under. Please note that there is some difference how man was created.
Here we will continue with the second description of the creation of man

Second description of the creation of man

The second description of the creation of man
When Don finished telling us about the first creation of man, he stopped talking and was wondering whether he should continue, but we encouraged him to continue, so he said:
Look he said, I wonder which one of these two descriptions is right that is why I don’t know how to go on; anyhow let me tell you this second description of how man was created, you see, to me and perhaps to other people also it might seem that it has been added later on, so let me say how I understand it.
In the Bible it says that at the beginning, there was no wild bush or any wild plant growing, because Yahweh God had not sent rain on earth, nor man to till the soil: I think that it is strange that God needed man to till the soil and for this reason God created man, however let me continue this second creation of man.
In those times, water flowed out of the ground and watered the surface of the soil, so we should imagine that the soil was wet all the time, now here I would like to quote what the Bible says; Quote; Yahweh God shaped man from the soil of the ground and blew the breath of life into his nostrils, and man became a living being. End of quote.
Then Yahweh God made a garden with all sorts of plants including the tree of life and the tree of knowledge and put the man he had made in the garden, God also let the man know that he was the master of everything.
And still there is another creation going:
Here Don sighed and said, strange as it may seem this is different from the first creation of man, because in the first creation Yahweh God made man and woman together, but here they are created in a different way.
Now the man being master of everything gave names to all cattle, birds and wild animals, but no helper was found for him.
Here the Bible says that, Yahweh God made the man fall into a deep sleep, He took a rib from the man and made that rib into a woman; that is why we sometime hear say when man describe woman; this one at last is bones of my bones and flesh of my flash! And we call her woman because she was taken from man.
This is how the Bible explains creation and the creation of mankind.
If you want to read more about the Bible here is another link that might be a bit easier to navigate;
Now that we have described creation and the creation of mankind according to the Bible with the help of Don; we are going to move on and describe some other religions about how those religions describe creation, so that we would be able to compare the difference.
Comparing the Bible to other religions
As we have already mentioned, now that we have written above how the Bible describes creation and the creation of man, let us compare the Bible to the Indus religions for a start, which is again one of the larger religions of the world.
Now, to talk about religions is hard indeed, since we usually have to repeat the same things again and again just to create that atmosphere of belief, to read and understand a religious book might be okay, if allowance is made to fill the voids that have purposely been made as they always leave doubts within your mind, but when it comes to tell the public and you have to repeat what you have learned, then the trouble starts, because the best thing is to read the book to them. However most times this cannot be done and in this case because we are writing would be a copyright infringement if we write everything down the way that has been written in the book.
In order to overcome that we have to find a way that keeps the information as close as possible to the text we have learned, but at the same time allows us to say the same thing in a different way; for example; We would like to write and inform the readers about the Laws of Manu, which is one of the main sacred Indus books and perhaps the best book to explain creation and the creation of the castes according to the Indus religions.
Now, because we cannot read from the book since we are writing and not talking, first of all, we would like to find somebody that knows a bit about Hinduism and The Laws of Manu, perhaps an Indian who knows about religions. Now hoping the he does not mind to help us, we will ask him about what his religion says about creation and the creation of man, which in this case will be the castes, since in India there are castes and how these castes came about. We would like to know about the castes because here we are writing about the creation of man.
Let me say this, we are going to ask this Indian about religions and see what he has to say, at the same time we will be reading and checking with The Laws of Manu book just to make sure that we don’t end up saying something that doesn’t make sense, because we want to stay with the main stream of the Indus religions and in particular with the Laws of Manu, since we believe that it is the best religious book to follow.
Now let us see how the Indus religions start, according to the Laws of Manu sacred book:
Briefly speaking the great sages asked the great Manu about the creation and the creation of the castes, and Manu answered them accordingly.
Here we are not able to continue until we talk to our Indian friend Butta as soon as we are able to, because as we have said we would like to know also from real people what they think about their own religion.

The Laws of Manu creation

In this article we are going to talk about the Laws of Manu, but to do that we are going to talk to some Indian people about their religion, we know some Indian people and therefore we are going to talk to them and see what they say about their religion. In our case we already know that in India there are many sorts of religions, and we know also that as soon as anyone asks an Indian about their religions, they are going to say that it is not easy to talk about just a religion, because there are too many divisions in their religions. Having this in mind, we are going to ask our friends, how their religious leaders explain creation, because we believe that the creation of the world and creation of man would be mostly the same in all Indus religions.
Finally we have been able to talk to our Indian friend Butta and a few other Indian people and we told them that the other day we were talking with some of our friends about the world creation and the creation of mankind; of course we were talking about our own Christian religions and our beliefs of how everything started. Now just out of curiosity and perhaps to compare two different religions, we would like to know how the Indian religions describe creation and the creation of mankind, it took us a while to convince our friend Butta to talk, but in the end he said:
Look, I don’t know a lot about religions because I am not a Brahman, you see a Brahman is the best person to talk to when you talk about religions; however I can tell you a few religious things that I have learned during my life. It seems to me that what you want to know is too much from me to explain, so I would suggest that you read The Laws of Manu, where these things are explained, however I am telling you what I can.
You see in the Laws of Manu there are these sages that ask the divine Manu these same questions that you are asking me, so if you want to know exactly how everything was created and everything else read this book. Now just to give you an idea how the world started it goes like this:
This universe existed in the shape of darkness, wholly immersed, as it were, in a deep sleep. And then the divine Self existent Svayambhu, appeared with creative powers dispelling the darkness.
Desiring to produce many kind of beings from his body, he created the waters and placed his seed in them, his seed became a golden egg and from the egg was born Brahman, the progenitor of the world. Brahman being the progenitor of the world created everything else, this is how the world started, and now let us sees how the four castes or mankind started.
Mankind was started from Brahman, and it is said that in order to protect the universe, the most resplendent one assigned separate occupations to those that sprang from his mouth, arms, thighs, and feet.
The Brahmans who sprang from his mouth he assigned teaching and studying the Veda, they are like the priests or the house of Levi in the Bible, if one wants to compare them to the western religions. Now, because the Brahmans sprang from Brahman’s and possesses the Veda, he is by right the lord of all creation.
The Kshatriya he commanded to protect the people, to study the Veda and other duties.
The Vaisya to tend cattle, to offer sacrifices, to study the Veda and other duties
The occupation of the Sudra is to serve meekly the other three castes.
If you want to read more about The Laws of Manu,
here is the link; The Laws of Manu
Our creation talks conclusions
Now let us talk briefly the pagan religions, that were the main religions in the western world before Christianity, this religion had many gods and goddesses and many other things and beliefs. Anyhow here is a hub link to check it out, it is good to know, just click on this link,  
What we have written above are the three main religions of the world, and it is worth to compare them in order to learn about ourselves. It is necessary to learn all this since today we have also to take into consideration evolution, and other religions that explain their own ways about the creation and the creation of mankind. So we should wonder which one of these theories is the closest to the truth.
Anyhow we would like to add more articles about creation later on if we can, but for the time being we are happy to say that these three religions cover most about creation, the only other thing we can say is that there is no real creation in the ancient religions. So these religions say very little about creation, and when they say anything is very vague; In Greek and Roman mythology it seems that creation started with Mother Earth and the sky, somehow the god Eros was born from them and he started to stir thing up and most things were created from this chaos that Eros created and many other strange things, of course some of this information is also in the link above, (hub me/agotl).
Of course we may believe that if we mix all religions and what is believed about creation in religions, we might come to believe that perhaps evolution has the upper hand, but this is not to say that God and other spiritual being have not played a part in creating every living thing, because we believe they have, as we are going to mention this in our religious theory of Reconciliation of the universe, in this third part of our religious writings.
Here we may have to add this to make sense; in this very complex world of religions and religious beliefs, anyone that wants to talk about religions in general and still make sense, he may as well wish that there is a supernatural power to help him, and thus I say; May God guide and help me to say the right things in these religious writings.

See you in our next hub, Reconciliation part three

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