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God for the atheists

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 The entire universe could be said to be the cosmos, therefore wherever we look we see the cosmos, so God can be part of the cosmos or the cosmos itself depending on our own personal views.

Baruch Spinoza Duch philosopher
1632-1677 he has written about God and sometimes he comes close to say that perhaps we live within God, so God might be different to the ways some religions want us to believe.

God for the atheists
Here we are going to write about a god that even the atheists might accept; but before I come to that, we need to say that there already exist, in our hub pages another description of what God could be like in hub 3, Man needs God, (this is the link if you want to check it out, Man needs God, 3 ). And now let us try to explain how we would like to see God of the future that even the atheists might accept; you may ask, what or who is this god that the atheists might accept? So let us try to answer this question of;
What or who is God that even the atheists might accept?
Now, before we start to talk about what or who is God that even the atheists might accept, we would like to point out that we have already said and written a previous article, where we believe that we have proved that God exists, (this is the link if you want to check it out: God exists, 8) Having said that now we can go back to talk about a god for the atheists.
At the end of our previous article, we were saying that we would be looking for ways of how God could be described, so that the atheists could perhaps accept the existence of God more willingly so to speak; we also mentioned that there was this philosopher called Baruch Spinoza who did not believe that God was the ways religious leader want us to believe; because Baruch Spinoza was more inclined to believe that God was something other than a person, in fact he carefully puts forward the idea that God is in everything and that we live within God, he thought that God was pandemic therefore every living thing is part of God; Baruch Spinoza’s God may also be like Mother Nature. Having said that, one could consider that, if we follow these lines of reasoning we may indeed describe a god that even the atheists might accept.
So let us now try to describe what and how God could or would be described in the future, so that most if not all of us would accept, and even the atheists could or would accept this new described God; therefore, believe it or not there might indeed be God even for the atheists.
Let us now try to describe this God, you see, if we care to put every religious beliefs together we may come to the conclusion that indeed there is or might be God, and God may well be all living things that exist today, see our hub God exists, but let us describe this god anyhow.
Just to start with, we may assume that God is all the life energies that exist in the universe, which means that every living thing is part of God, therefore no living thing can exist without God-life-force-energies, and therefore just to give a name to these life energies, we may have to call these life energies God-Most-High and this God-Most-High is the most important part of the life forces of the universe, but as we know we cannot see God or any of these life forces of the universe; so, we have to use our own imagination to describe how all this could be like, and when I use my imagination, it suggests that throughout the cosmos of the whole universe, God-life-force gives life to every living thing, communicate in his own ways with every living thing and also is able to record everything that happens and what the living do.
Just let us explain the cosmos as my religious friends and I understand it, the cosmos has those entire requisite to communicate with everything, therefore the cosmos may as well have the capacity to keep all past records, and also the present and future records of anything that happens. You see, if we are able to keep records in our own ways, it seems obvious that in nature there must be a way to keep records, since we cannot create anything that does not and could not exist, therefore, we may have to accept that we can only discover the ways of nature how to keep records, so, we believe that there must be a natural way to keep records and the cosmos is one of them and it is also the mediums that is able to pass this knowledge on to whoever is able to read this stored knowledge.
Now, let us go back to the most important part of these religious writings, which is to describe God that even the atheist might accept, we need to say here that because we have already described this elsewhere in these religious writings we will try to be brief because if you would like to see a full description you can go to our blog, or hub, Man needs God, Man needs God, 3 anyhow hereunder is how we would describe God:
We believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, and this God is the active life-force energies of the entire universe; therefore, every living thing is part of this God- life-force and nothing living can exist without God, because God is life itself. This is the briefest way that we can think of about how to describe e God for everybody including the atheists.
Dear readers please note that I had once a longer description of this God of the universe, but I had to remove it from Hub Pages because of duplicate content. If you want to read it now it is in the pages at this blog address: and then click on the link Hub pages duplicate content.
I believe that I have said enough in this article, so see you next time.
May God guide and help us understand these religious things?

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