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Religious discussions

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When we have a problem, people should meet and discuss, in the hope of finding a solution. 

Religious discussions
Dear readers, in a way this is the continuation of our last post, But at the same time this is also the beginning of our Prayers for reconciliation; but we would like call it Prayers and observation or discussions since we will be discussing religious issues, even more than usual.
In these religious writings of Prayers and discussions, being also part of Prayers for reconciliation as we have said, we are going to talk about religions in general terms, the aim of these discussions is that we would like to reconcile that part of religion that doesn't seem to agree with today religious views, as we have already mentioned in part one; but before we start discussing let me write a prayer to God, asking God to help me to write these religious articles;
Almighty Father, I am praying you with all my heart, my soul and my mind hoping that in your mercy you would forgive me all my life sins and you would make me clean of any impurities that may affect my soul, so that I would become worthy to write these religious writings according to your will. Father, hear my prayer, amen.
Now, let us go back to our discussions; it is obvious that if we want to reconcile anything at all and reach any sort of reconciliation we need to discuss our differences and this is what this religious discussions in part 2 is all about. We would also want to point out that our discussions here are about our own religious beliefs and our aim is about modifying existing religions, because we see that they need to be modified, so, we would like to modify existing religions in such a way that they may remain helpful to all humanity. We know that this is not going to be easy and it is going to alarm most religious people as it is a controversial subject about their religious beliefs, and for this reason we are going to repeat this article that has been written for our readers’ peace of mind, just once more in this part:
For our readers’ peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, we say, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only a new idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together; therefore our religious beliefs and the existing religions may remain as close as possible to the ways they are today. So, don’t you worry if our religious writings could sometime sound different from the ways that we usually hear religions being preached in the churches and other places of worship, because you don’t have to worry about it, as it will all be explained as you read all our religious writings, and then, you can judge for yourself at the end of our religious writings of Prayers for reconciliation and our new set up of religious beliefs as suggested in Reconciliation of the Universe.
Anyhow, now let me pray God to guide and help me, before we start our discussions;
Almighty and merciful Father, with my personal concerns I come to you praying, with all my heart, my soul and my mind, hoping that in your mercy You would guide and help me to write this second part of Prayer for reconciliation, I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Father, hear my prayer, amen.

Religious discussions

These are our religious discussions or review that we are writing in this post.
When we look at the religious world of today, we see that not everything works the way it should have worked, therefore we have reasons to believe that we (the people of this world) need to discuss and review religions, because that would be the right way to go about, you see, we believe that this needs to be done for the benefit of all humanity, therefore we have a duty to do it anyhow. But, first of all let us see the most important articles that we have already written in part one and if we can state also the reasons why we have written them, in the hope that we would be able to bridge part one with our final part three, Reconciliation of the universe; we would like to do that hoping that we would be able to continue in the right religious direction.
Now, the most important articles that we have already written deal about religions and religious beliefs, perhaps the reasons that they have been written was because of the extremist groups that use religious beliefs in such twisted ways, in order to get their own believers to do terrible things, like the 9-11 terrorist attack and other things that are just as bad; but that is not all, because today while I am editing this article the Islamic State terrorist group are killing innocent people, just because they don’t belong to their religious group; but there is more, we have also written them because of the atheists threats that want religions to disappear.
So, these religious articles are being written first of all to find a way how to avoid or minimize the terrorist threat, for this reason we are thinking that some religious changes are required, since the terrorist groups are very active these days; for this reason today the atheist group is in second place, as the atheist threat is not as dangerous as the extremist groups. Anyhow, in order to reply to these atheist’s non beliefs of God and religions and also to see if we could find anything that could help us to find a way of how to stop the extremist movement killing innocent people, we have written a few articles about some religious subjects, one of this subject is about the existence of God, in the hope that the atheist see what we mean by that and moderate their attack on religions.
Anyhow, in order to prove to the atheists that God exists, we have written hub 3, Man needs God where we claim that God exists at least by definition, but, then we see that there must be more than just definition and so we kept writing about other explanations including this article of Man needs God because it has been so for centuries, or since the beginning when man became able to think abstract things, so, they started to invent many gods as we know from the world history and many other things.
Now let us talk about God and how we see God today, we believe that perhaps God may be different to the God described in the Bible and so we have formulated a new sort of theory hoping to find a way to describe this new living God, who can be just about anything that bears life energy capable of helping life to exist. You can check this hub out with this link herewith: Man needs God, 3, we are going to say a lot more about this new form of God in our last part that we call, Reconciliation of the universe.
We have also written religion of the future, where we explain the needs for a new form of religion. This is the link if you want to check it out. Religions of the future, 4, in this hub we start saying that some religious changes need to happen soon or later, so let us start thinking about these coming changes.
Then of course we have published Prayers for Reconciliation, which is really the main theme of this religious writings, here is the link to check it out, Prayers for Reconciliation, 5 and we have also had some discussions with our friends and members of the public about religions, with this in mind now we are going to write some religious views.

Anyhow I believe that we have said enough in this post, so, we will continue this discussion in our next post called, Religious writing views. 
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Religious discussions
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