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Praying God for a miracle

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Praying God for a miracle
When we have some very hard problem to solve, especially if it is about people health in our family, we turn to God and pray with all the strength that is in our heart.

Praying God for a miracle
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, God works in a mysterious way, and this post that I am writing here is also part of the story of my life. Anyhow, at the end of the post we were saying that I was going to pray God to help me.
So, here I am praying God for a personal miracle or grace.
Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and in my great distress and with pains in my heart I start to pray with all my heart, my mind and my soul; I am praying to you Almighty Merciful Father because I am in a desperate situation and I need your help right now, because there is serious illness in my family.
In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy-Spirit, I am praying to you Almighty Father; I pray to you because I know that for you everything is possible, even those things which for the best people of this world seem impossible to achieve. So I hope that in your mercy you would hear this painful and desperate prayer of your humble servant who in pains turns to you for help; I am praying in the hope that you would hear my prayer and help me by granting me by your grace, my earthly requests, and if or when you do then my pains and despair would turn into joy and I will thank you with all my heart. I am turning to you and praying for help Heavenly Father, because I believe that only you can help me and no one else can, since for you everything is possible.
Father, you see, nowadays I have a daughter who is sick, and the doctors are trying their best to cure her of her illness; but they only succeed in controlling a bit of her illness.
I love my daughter very much and when I see her sick my heart cries in pains. I wish I could talk to her and say what is in my heart, but I have to refrain in case I make things worse, you see sometimes it seems that she does not understand what is going on.
But really I would like to say to her: My heart aches for you my darling child, and as I think of you my heart cries for you. Dear me, dear me, dear me! How I love you my darling child! And although now you are a grown up while you are sick you are my little child again, and this is how I will feel to the end of my days, because deep within my heart you are a little bit of me living away from me, and therefore there is this force from within me that pushes me to help you, since you are a part of me. I feel that your pains are my pains, your despair is my despair, your fears are my fears and I will do anything to help you, no matter how hard and painful it might be for me.
Now because I love my daughter as she is a small part of me, I want to help her no matter what; but having done all I could do to help her, and not being able to make her well again, this makes me feel so helpless and sad, very sad indeed:
So in my despair, I can’t help asking myself why this illness had to happen to her, to her who is still so young and beautiful, and she could have enjoyed life very much at this time of her life. You see she was healthy once, but now she has been sick for a long time and with no end of being well in sight. So, in my torment I continually ask myself what I could do to help her, because I would do anything to make her well again, but all earthly option to help her seem to be in vain and exhausted. Since even the doctors don’t know what else to do, so I turn to God and pray, because God is hope for those that need hope most.
God is hope for those that need hope most

Dear readers, now that you know part of my life story and my daughter sad event in her young life, what other hope of being happy with life I have I would like to ask you, not very much I am afraid to say; therefore, my only hope is to turn to God and pray, because God is hope for those who need hope most, and thus I pray to God.
I am praying to God, because my heart which loves my daughter so much will never surrender, so, I am driven to do the impossible. So, in my human despair I turn to God and pray again and again; because in my heart I believe that only God who is our Heavenly Merciful Father and mighty overall can help her to be healthy again, just like young girls of her own age should be healthy. So, here I turn to you God Most High and pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind to heal her for good; I am praying to you benevolent Father because I believe that for you Almighty Father everything is possible, since all you have to do are to say the words and it will be done, at least that is what we have been told to believe.
Therefore, because these days I am in great personal distress, I am praying from the bottom of my heart to our Heavenly Father hoping that through his love and mercy he would help me and my family.
Almighty Father I am praying in the hope that when I need your help, I would be able to call on your great love and mercy that you have for us humans, and through the love of the Lord Jesus Christ our Savoir, you would hear and answer my prayers for help and help us in your own ways.
I am praying in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, whom you sent down to earth to help humanity understand your will, to fulfil the scriptures, and to redeem us from our original sin, and then by sacrificing himself as you wanted he has redeemed mankind and opened for us a way, which today is enabling us to come back to you.
Father, hear my prayer, forgive me my sins, allow me to be your servant and bless me; So that, I would be worthy to pray to you and be heard. So let my prayer for my sick daughter be heard and answered in the affirmative way. Amen.
Will God hear my prayer and help me and my family, or is it going to be just as my friend says; God is hope for those who need hope most. Therefore, because I need to hope for a good outcome, I am praying God with all my heart.  I know today that I will continue to pray God our spiritual Father many more times, in fact, every time I feel I need god help.
I believe that I have said enough in this post, so see you in our next post, with another chapter of my life story.
May God bless us all?   
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Praying God for a miracle
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