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Religious discussions

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Generally people have all sorts of meeting where they try to talk their differences, in our case we are talking about religions and religious people beliefs.

Religious discussions at the meeting
Dear readers, to understand what follows here we need to explain that this is the continuation of our last post, so, you need to read last post and then read this post. 
Anyhow after greeting each other and all other niceties that occur every time good friends meet, I, Mark and Gino made ourselves comfortable and started to talk about the agenda of the meeting, and I first of all asked them;
I guess that you have come just the two of you because any other friend does not want to take part in these religious talks? Is that right?
What is the matter with them? Are they scared or something else?
Don’t they see that we are talking only and nothing is happening? And nothing will ever happen just by talking and trying to make sense of the whole religious situation that exists today.
Dear friends changing religious meanings is not new, we just have to look back at the times of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to see that even Jesus tried to explain religious issues in a different way, but the religious leader of the time did not want to follow Jesus, so they crucified him. 
Anyhow other people not coming it does not matter much, and perhaps we are better off without them, if they worry too much about exchanging religious views or beliefs, in case they say the wrong things, we don't need them.
But now tell me, what have people said if and when you have talked to them about God and religion, and also what has been happening lately?
Here my friend Mark was ready to answer me and he had a nice surprise for me, when he said later on that, ‘God is hope for those who need hope most’; and this is what he said overall:

God is hope for those who need hope most

Mark reply
Well, most of the people we have talked to are not interested about talking religious things, and those who are have expressed themselves in many different ways; but let me break these people beliefs in groups so to speak, so that a better picture can be seen?
So, first I have to say that a lot of people believe in God and religion just the way it is today, this portion of people does not want any change in religion, so they are happy to stay with the ways religions are nowadays, and if they have any doubts in their minds they are not showing it. So, it would be a waste of time to talk to them unless you agree fully with their religious beliefs.
There is also a portion of people that have doubts about today religions and they are ready to talk about it, some of these people don’t feel sure whether what is being taught about religion is all true, so, they are believers but with some doubt in their mind and heart. You can talk to this group of people but they are not much help, if you want to find or formulate any new ideas.
We have also noted that right in the middle there is this large group of people, which believe in God and religions only up to a certain point, these people usually would like to know more and ask all sorts of questions, in the hope that they could find their way how to return to religion fully one day, as they seem to feel that religion is still important to them in many ways; sometimes these people seem to want to follow religion just to have a sense of belonging to a group, as they like to have friends and religion gives this opportunity to them.
Then there is at the extreme end of this middle group those who believe very little in religion as it is today, so, they are asking too many questions themselves about religions, they are agnostic as they believe and at the same time don’t believe in God and religions, one does not know what to do with this group, and yet they are the most interesting ones, just because they would like to know more. That is all there is in this middle group.
And then, there is this last group of people, which I would call the danger group for religious beliefs, they are the atheist, they don’t believe in God and religions, so, for them it would be better if religions did not exist. They are usually very intelligent people and have a good job, so for them there are no worries in life, therefore, they don’t see the need of God and religion, just because they don’t need God and religions, as they feel secure within themselves; this well to do group starts putting forwards all sort of stories in order to blame religion for some of the bad things religions have done in the past, but they don’t see that mankind have only to blame themselves, because no religion tells its believers to directly kill, or do anything else that may harm anyone.
But then, also attached to this well educated atheist group, there are a few people that are poor uneducated people and they don’t believe in God just to protest their bad luck, as they are not happy about what the world is giving them, so, they see the need to believe only in themselves; now, because of this belief they may become the worst of mankind, because they don’t have any respect for humanity, and also they don’t have a God or religion or any other sort of inbuilt restrain within them. I could say more about this group but I think it is better that I stop here and see what you think about it all.
Having said all this, now I only would like to add what I have learned from all this enquiries; and I want you to remember how I see religion now, as this may well be important from now on, if we are going to talk about religious issues, because I believe that religions are important to keep, it may not be an universal human belief, as we have seen in the example of the atheists; but God and religions are still needed today for those people that are unfortunate, as they feel within their heart that they need God to protect or help them. For this reason God and religions are needed, because; God and religion is hope for those who need hope most.
So, remember that;
Religion and God is hope for those who need hope most.
I said, very well said Mark, and so did Gino at the same time.

Comments on Mark speech

My comment on Mark religious speech
Now, let me see if I got it right, so let me say something about what you have just said Mark; and then of course I am going to say how I see religious issues today:
Looking at what you have just said, we agree with you about this erratic people behaviour, so, when we take it into consideration, it seems to me that overall today people are not so sure about religions any more, we could say that they are not as sure as they were in the past, therefore as we can see today religions are not as powerful as they were in the past, because people just don’t believe just anything religious leaders tell them; therefore, they want to know and understand religions for themselves, so they start thinking and ask themselves what are religions for? Because of this trend there are many who doubts about the value of religious beliefs altogether, so, they are splitting up in smaller groups and everybody tries to be with their own mates so to speak.
Because of this religious movement there are some extremist groups like the atheists as Mark has pointed out that do not believe in God at all; this group would like to see that God and religions disappear from the face of the earth altogether, because of their non beliefs in God. I have to say that these atheists may even succeed one day in bringing religions down, if the rest of the world does not do anything to stop this movement bringing down religions. If that is the case, what the good citizens of the world should do to restore a balance that would prevent this event happening.
Well we need to do something, because there are reasons to believe that it would result in a great religious chaos, if we let the atheists have their ways; for these reasons I believe that the world cannot afford to suddenly stop believing in God and religions and follow the atheists views. For this reason I suppose we should think about something that could help everybody in this community continue with their religious beliefs, after all religions are still important enough even today, because as Mark said; Religion and God is hope for those who need hope most.
Perhaps we should look at the reasons why these atheists are what they are today; we can only assume that religions as they are thought today don’t make sense to most of them any more, because most times religions really don’t make sense even to us; but religious leaders still want people to believe what they believe or what they want you to believe even when it cannot be explained by common sense.
So, one has reason to believe that this religious leaders attitude is perhaps part of the reason why people are moving away from religions. Having said that, this question now arises; if we want this movement to stop happening to religions what can we do about it?
Well, what we can do is hard to say, but we have to look closely and then decide what could be done. Personally speaking for myself, I believe that we should review the ways that religions are taught today, we need to see what the future generations would like to see in religions and what they would like to change in order to still believe in religions. Perhaps the best way is to go over existing religious beliefs to see whether they could mean something else, or they have a double meaning and choose the meaning that would not drive people away from religions. What I have just said is one of the reasons that we would like to sort out in the future these religious issues, while we continue to write these religious writings.
Then I turned to Gino, and said: Now that we have heard what Mark had to say and you have also heard my views on it, what do you think of our speeches? And what have you found out for yourself? You can say what you want now it is your turn to speak.
Here I  believe that this post is becoming too long, so we will write Gino answer in our next post called Gino speech. See you then.

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