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This is what my soul is telling me

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and this post, this is what my soul is telling me
This is what my soul is telling me
When I think about my soul, I also think about God and the angels and many other spiritual things as well, and then I think how it all started:
This is how it all started, with the angels poem; You, angels of the realm of glory, you tell us about the eternal story, you tell us about the creator's glory, you tell us the wonders of God's creation.

This is what my soul is telling me

Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our last post, what my souls could tell me, since we are talking about spiritual things. So, today, because I would like to write and publish this theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, I would have liked to start writing it straight away, as this theory is going to be the most important part of our religious writings; in this theory we are going to talk about where God would be including his angels and other spiritual beings of the universe. Here we admit that this is only a theory that we are writing about, but, we have reason to believe that all the existing life forces of the universe are linked together and they form the never ending life cycle of the universe.
Now, I am saying this because I have seen signs from above that I will be called the author of Reconciliation of the Universe. But today my reasoning human mind is telling me not to write that just now, because humanity will not accept or understand these religious writings unless I explain to our readers many other things first. Therefore, I am forced to go the longer way and explain many things to humanity as I see them before I start to write this religious theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe. Therefore, now before I write anything else I want to explain to our readers that this theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, does not really try to reconcile the whole universe, it only tries to reconcile most religious things on earth. Therefore, the name itself is an exaggeration and it is there mainly to catch the attention of the readers. You see it is always mankind first, if one wants to talk to mankind and be heard.
For this reason, I have to pray God to forgive me, because it may seem that I am placing God in second place after humanity, but definitely it is not so, because within my soul God is always first. But I am writing this way so that humanity may easily understand these religious subjects, and therefore will be attracted and eager to read them. You see if humanity is not interested in this religious writings then my writings are useless. So, I have to try to tell my readers interesting things, so that they feel at ease, and then slowly take my readers towards that very important and interesting part which I call, Reconciliation of the Universe.
Our human explanation
Now, let us try to explain how we feel about all this: We human beings have two sides within us that we can talk about, one is our soul which is our spiritual side, and the other is our body and this includes our mind and our heart: But since we are talking here about religion let us talk first about the soul, as we are going to do just now, since the soul is more important in religious matters.
We are sure that we all have a fair feeling of our inner self, because during our life we are forced to face our inner self every now and again, as this inner self is the unwritten universal law of God and Mother Nature, which has been installed within us from the very beginning of our life. Some of us call this inner self our soul, others may say that it is our mind, our heart and our soul together that makes our inner self, whichever it is of the three it does not matter much, but as we have said because here we are talking about religion, we believe that to talk about our soul would be the right way to start with.
So, what my inner self (or soul) is telling me: My soul is telling me to write these religious beliefs, because they might help to bring humanity to a better understanding of religions one day. This is not because I know religions more than other religious people, but it is because these beliefs are a little bit different from everyday accepted religious beliefs: you see I believe that I am a seer and I see religious things my own ways, and therefore this is what we are going to write here, just the way I see these religious things. Therefore, after we have written these issues and the people read about them, they could bring a new concept on how to understand religions, perhaps they might even awake the inner selves of the people as a whole, and this might bring a renewed interest in religions.
Let me tell you what I feel deep within my soul while religious matters are being discussed: Generally speaking, most times I will be in agreement with what is being discussed, or what is being read from a religious book like the Bible. But there are times when I disagree with what the others persons believe that is important in that religious reading, in fact I might believe that what they believe in is not important at all, and in rare cases I might feel that they are altogether wrong in their understandings of the Bible, or other religious books.
Now, because of these religious feelings or awareness that I feel, I have to question myself whether my soul knows something that the other persons or souls do not; therefore, it brings up this question. What does my soul know more than the others? And if my soul knows something more than the other souls, where does this knowledge come from? Since I don’t know the answer, let me pray God to help me, because this might help me to understand these issues.
I am praying God to help me

No matter what some people believe in, the majority of us still need to believe in God and pray God for help and guidance. This is what also my soul is telling me, and so, I pray.

I am praying God to help me

Before I answer this self-question let me pray God to guide me.

My lord God, with my personal writing concerns I come to you praying Father-Most-High, master of the universe and life-give to every living thing, I am praying thee to help me with my religious writings, so that I would be able to say the right things; Father, hear my prayer and help me, amen.
Now that I have said my prayer to God our spiritual Father I feel better, so I go back to answer that question religious question.
We have reasons to believe that what our soul feels is an inborn combined gift from God and Mother Nature, which some of us are aware to possess in different degrees, and here I have to add that I have become aware to possess only recently in my old age. So if this extra knowledge is a God given gift it would be my duty to use it in the best way possible to help humanity. Therefore, I believe that I have to spread out this new found knowledge by writing these religious beliefs, first by writing Prayers of reconciliation, and then Reconciliation of the Universe.
I believe that I need to plan what I have to write in this religious writings; therefore, I am thinking that I have to make a short list of the most important subject that we need to discuss, including those things that we might have started and not completely finished.
But now before we make a list of subject that we need to discuss, I would like to talk about our earthly body life and mind, since they are tied together with the soul, as they could only exist together in a parallel way. Therefore, the short lists that will apply to the soul will also apply to the body.
Anyhow, now that we have started to tell you about, what my soul is telling me, I have to keep going in the same direction, so next time I am going to write about, what my body and mind is telling me, and then we will try to merge them together and write the short list that we require.
May God bless us and help us understand his will?
May God bless us all?

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This is what my souls is telling me
Next time with; what my body and mind is telling me 
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