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About Bible reviews

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About Bible reviews
When we would like to understand something that is difficult, we may have to ask questions to other people, at the same time we should ask ourselves and think hard what these issues might mean, it is only natural to do so and we should compare them. So, let us talk about the Bible and review its meanings, since we think that this needs to be done. 

The Bible is the most read book in the world, it is believed to be God's inspired and therefore God's word, but then it might be only partly God's inspired and not all God's word, because the rest would be man made. So, let us study the Bible and review its meanings, because we believe that this is necessary to do.  

About Bible reviews
Dear readers, this post is the continuation of our previous post, Bible understanding is necessary, where we ended up saying that we need to review the Bible and give our own interpretation, so let us see how we can do that without upsetting our religious friends.
We have to say that one of the oldest and most read book in the world is the Bible, but it is one of the most difficult books to understand properly, because it can mean different things to different people. But our religious leaders have thought us that we have to believe what they say, because, as believers we are supposed to believe everything it says even when it does not make sense to our logic human reasoning, because it is the word of God: So when we require some explanation our religious leaders will explain it the way they see it and there is no other way about it, in other words we should believe whatever they say, which happens to be the way they have been told to believe from their previous leaders whether it is right or wrong.
Here we have to say that some of us have reasons to believe that they might be making a big mistake, because they do not allow us to discuss those religious issues openly; they also do not see that scriber of those days had to write in such a way, in order to control the people and that was the main reason why the Bible was written, the way it has been written; it is for these same reasons that the Bible starts in a very strong way and does not give the readers any chance even to ask anyone, if what is written there can be right or not; as it starts very strong like this:
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. For a believer this means that God is so powerful that can create everything he wants. But the question is here, can God really create everything at all from nothing, or is there another reason why the Bible has been started like that? If that is the case, and the way that has been written it is, then the Bible is not exactly correct. So what the people have believed till today is; it is so just because it has been written in the Bible?
Therefore, nowadays because we are more advanced and we can read between the lines these doubtful descriptions, there are some people that do not believe in God anymore, as they can see easily that there are a lot of things that don’t add up correctly, so, they say that God is only a myth and it is all an invention of our human mind; I know that this might sound strange but this is how the world starts to see religious beliefs today, you see nowadays people want things explained clearly.
To tell you the truth, at this point of time, what worries me most is the fact that most of the non-believers (atheists) are learned people; these learned people are able to talk very easily and state their views clearly, so the poor religious believers who usually are less educated are in a disadvantaged position.
Because of this situation, the best way for us to prevent it happening, is that we need to read the Bible many times and if or when we find something that does not seem right, if necessary we should review the meanings of the Bible, because we might find a way that may explain why there is so much difference in our beliefs. Perhaps we might have to change our own religious views, in order to come close to the other people views. This is too great a task to explain easily, so we suggest that we break it up in small articles, as this might be easier to understand. Now, since in last few chapters before this we were talking about curses and curses that happen also in the Bible, let us try to make sense to that first subject and what is written in the Bible about curses, since one of these article is written almost at the very beginning of the Bible.

About Bible curse

Since we have been talking about curses in these religious writings, it would be better for us to say what we have in mind to try, in order to overcome this obstacle. First of all, we are going to talk to our religious friends in the hope that they would help to find the right way, or at least see what they think about these curses.
Here we can already hear the unbelievers (atheists) say that there are no such things as curses, so what we are saying is all the fault of our imagination. But, as you know even the Bible is full of curses, in fact we find the first curse at the very beginning of the Bible when God curses the serpent, Genesis 3, 14-15, and I quote;
*Be accursed beyond all cattle, all wild beasts.
You shall crawl on your belly and eat dust every day of your life.
I will make you enemies of each other:
You and the woman,
Your offspring and her offspring
It will crush your head
And you will strike the hill.

Then to the woman God said, Genesis 3-16
I will multiply your pain in child bearing,
You shall give birth to your children in pain.
Your yearning shall be for your husband,
Yet he will lord it over you.

Then to Adam Genesis 3-17
Accursed be the soil because of you.
With suffering shall you get your food from it every day of your life
It shall yield you brambles and thistles, and you shall eat wild plants.
With sweat on your brow, shall you eat your bread.
Until you return to the soil, as you were taken from it.
For dust you are; and to dust you shall return.
Yahweh (God) was right to be very angry with them; So He cursed them, and this is the very first curse in the Bible, and it came from God.
So, as you can see curses are in the Bible from the very beginning and last curse is at the very end, which sounds like forbidding anybody to change anything said in the Bible.
Now what can be done to avoid the curses, one may ask?
Well at this moment we do not know yet, but we are working on it and we shall see what our friends might suggest. So, we will be discussing curses presently and looking at any possible way to neutralize them. Perhaps a prayer to God-Most-High, master and life giver of the universe might be the answer, so, let me try to write one prayer just for this purpose, or perhaps find one that I have already half written and adjust it to fit my purpose. Then I will ask our friends what they think about this prayer and everything else that we are saying here.

Praying God to shield us from curses

These are my personal prayers:
Almighty and merciful Father we pray you to help and protect us from curses, and so, we pray you thus:
In the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, to you we turn God-Most-High master and life giver of the entire universe, we are praying you with all our hearts our souls and our minds; we are praying you Almighty Father hoping that in your mercy you would forgive us all our life sins, and that you would make us spiritually clean of any impurities that may affect our soul, and thus we would become worthy in your eyes to pray and be heard, and then pray to you and ask for help, while we serve as your humble servants.
Father this time we pray you to help us, because we believe that there might be people who would curse us, just because we do not agree with them, Father shied us from these curses and return those curses on whoever started those curses for no good reasons.
Father, hear our prayers and shield us from those curses! Amen.
I as the writer of these religious writings and prayer, I am praying herewith our Father with all my heart my soul and my mind and I am praying to be allowed to write these religious writings in God’s name.
Almighty Father I am praying you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who once lived with us here on earth and knows our human misery, our fears and our pains; here I am praying in fear of the unknown, since what we are writing here is not yet known and it might bring down unknown risks to us. Father I am praying you to shield me from any danger that may arise from these religious writings, whether they are in the form of real physical threats or curses, whether those curses are new or were existing curses.
Almighty Father I am praying you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ to shield me from those curse and forces of evil, since the forces of evil may want to harm me just because I am writing these religious writings and also for other unknown reasons.
My Lord God, Almighty and Merciful Father I am praying you with all my heart my soul and my mind, I am praying you to make good any injustice that I or my family may have received, whether these injustices have been caused from curses or from the forces of evil wanting to upset me and my family. I pray you Father to just give us back what should have been rightfully ours, whether these injustices have been to property or to individual health. I pray you Father to set everything right again, the way it should have been according to your magnificent and benevolent will, so that, the forces of evil should not prevail, and they should not be able to take advantage of me my family and your righteous system. Father, hear my prayer and help us! Amen.
We wish and hope that the prayers that we have written above are good enough and God would shield us from all curses and the forces of evil and at the same time God would help me to write these religious writings.
I have talked to our religious friends and explained to them about the prayers that I have written above, but they cannot make up their minds, because even for them this seem a complex issue, so, they have said to me that perhaps I should publish them, and see what happens, it is the only way to know what the public thinks about curses and also our prayers.
So, here we are publishing these religious prayers asking God to protect us from them; and then let us see what the public might be going to say, if they would like to say something about these curses and other religious matters.
And finally I really hope that I have not gone too far from the acceptable religious ways that God and the public could and would accept easily. Now that we have written about the curses and also prayed God, I hope we have done enough about the curses; so I would like to talk about something else in our next article, because we the people of this world have this problem to solve, since we have two identities, one is our body and the other one is the soul, so when we speak of ourselves sometimes we don’t know which identity is more dominant, so in our next article we will talk about our soul. 
I think that I have said enough in this article, so, let me say; See you next time with our next article: What my soul is telling me
May God protect and guide us all the right way?
May God bless us all?