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Why they stopped writing the Bible


This is, Religious people contribution  Part 2

The Bible is a religious and history book of the Jews, they wrote it for about two thousand years, then they stopped writing it. Let us look at some of the reasons why that happened. 

Why they stopped writing the Bible 

Mankind stopped writing the Bible, but what could be the reasons? But before I talk about why we stopped writing the bible, I am going to pray God for guidance, it makes me feel better, it is as if I ask God permission to do that.

Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul, and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever-present guiding force of the Holy Spirit on earth would guide and help me; So that, I can write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


As we have said, from the very beginning the Bible has been written from the Israelite, today they are known as the Jews. It is the religion of the Jews, where Yahweh their God fills all the pages of this religious book, it is also the history of Israel since the Bible tells us about everything that the Israelite have done during that time; so, the Old Testament of the Bible has been written from the time of Moses during exodus to the time of Jesus Christ; after that the Israelite stopped writing the Bible; so, let us see what could have been the reasons?

One of these reasons could be that after the Jews (Israelite) crucified the lord Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ did not fulfill what they wanted most, which was that they wanted help from their God Yahweh to fight their enemies, but Jesus Christ was preaching peace. Anyhow, Jesus changed the old accepted religious ways; so, the Jews went their own way; therefore, when this happened religion was split, the Jews went their own way, while the followers of Jesus Christ followed their beliefs. So, the Jews kept believing what they believed, and the history book of Israel the Bible was not continued.

As we Christians know, the Bible ends with the New Testament and the four Gospels Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, and then the apostle acts various other writers, some other letters and then it ends with the book of Revelation; this is how the Christian Bible ends even today. Now it is necessary to point out that John the writer of Revelation is not the same John who wrote the gospel, and it was written a long time after Jesus death, some scholars say 190 AD, anyhow the book of Revelation is a very allegoric book and tries to control people, it starts very strong and ends very strong.

The book of Revelation states this and I quote:

(This is the revelation given by God to Jesus Christ so that he could tell his servants about the things that are now to take place very soon; he sent his angel to make it known to his servant John.-- And John has written down everything he saw and swears it is the word of God guaranteed by Jesus Christ. Happy the man who reads this prophesy, and happy those who listen to him, if they treasure all it says, because the Time is close.) End of quote.

Revelation also ends with a very strong warning, or a curse to anyone who changes anything that the writer John has written, so, it is almost freighting, and this is the reason why the Bible has stopped being written.

Anyhow, we must ask again the same question as we did at the beginning; what has mankind done to update religious beliefs? The answer would be, not very much; whether it is the curse at the end of the Bible that stops us writing, we don’t know. Because we believe that something needs to be done to keep religions active in the future.


Let us review our writing task

Anyhow, we believe that religious leaders must use their common sense; they should take into account what is happening in the world; here we are thinking about the Muslim extremist that kill people in the name of their God Allah; so, anything that can be changed should be changed in a way that discourages these religious extremist to use religions for their own ends. Any changes should also be written in such a way that they agree with religious people and the atheists.

Therefore, we must find a way on how to review, rewrite and illustrate religion according to the present times, with the intention of putting an end to the misuse of religions and this is what we are trying to suggest in these articles.  

But today to make people believe in God and religions is not easy, because we want to believe in religion only if there are some advantages for us, and if there are not personal sacrifices. It is a well-known fact, that we do not accept everything that is being said to us these days, because we know a lot more than we used to know. So, we challenge any beliefs if they do not feel right in our mind, and we want mentally to check that everything that is being told, meets our own standard of knowledge and runs in a parallel way with our knowledge.

Therefore, if we want to write about religious beliefs, we must write them in a way that runs in a parallel way to our knowledge. They must reconcile every existing living thing to the living God life-force of the universe; they must be written in a way acceptable to mankind, otherwise it will be a waste of time to write them. Anyhow, I believe that I need help to write what I am trying to write here, so, let me pray God our Father to help me. 

Praying God for help

Anyhow, since we believe that God can help us, let me pray.

In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, which every day I pray from the bottom of my heart to guide me, so that I can write these religious writings according to God’s will, Father, hear my prayer and help me!

As you can see, I have prayed our Lord God, so, I feel more confident. Now let me explain. Religion can be said to be a divine devise to help people live a better life in a collective way. But by observing how the world is being run today, it seems to me that people are distorting those existing religious rules therein, so, they can gain personal advantages for themselves.

So, we must try to set our religious writings in such a way that it would be harder for people to take advantage of religious rules. You see, today people are using religion as a weapon to inflict punishment to others, and some of these punishments are extreme and violent. This behavior makes us wonder whether they are a bunch of crazy people, that do not know what they are doing; but we know that they don’t behave as religious people should do.

So, to overcome that, we should go back to the beginning of religions and start rewriting religious books, beginning with phrases that would be hard to ignore like this phrase here under:

Let it be known to all humanity that there is only one God throughout the universe, and God is life and the life essence of the whole universe. He is the father of every living thing and therefore all our lives depend from Him. And we must believe and think while we are living on earth that every living thing one day must die and must return to Him.

We believe that things described in a collective way, like what we have written above can help.  

Let us discuss religions  

Therefore, we believe that it is better for all humanity to believe in this living God as described above, because a God like that involves everybody on earth and binds all religions together, we need a God like that because there is no better way available, and there is no other God but this living God, which we all should believe in.

Of course, mankind has got a problem in believing in the same God, because there is this driving force within us, which makes us want to be better than the fellow next door. Therefore, it is in our nature that we don’t like to be the same as everyone else, and we don’t want to believe in the same God, our god has got to be better than other people gods.

But if we accept that there is only one God throughout the universe, then religions may become better. You see, it needs to be like that because this is the only way to stop religious differences, and above all those religious fanatics that do violent things in the name of their God and religion; not only that but the truth is that we need to accept that there is only one God throughout the universe, or there is no God at all. Anyhow, I believe that there is only one God throughout the universe, therefore, we need to find a way how to describe and believe in the same God.

To do that, I believe that we need to describe God in a different way, and mankind needs to accept and adjust whatever needs to be adjusted, to get everybody believing in the same God. Because we need to believe in this same God who is our life giver; to overcome these problems.

Therefore, I believe that it is helpful if we can find a way in common, which will help people believe in the same God who is the life force of the whole universe. So, I pray God to help me write these articles. And this would be my personal religious contribution.

I believe that this article is becoming too long; so, see you next time with, Importance of religion?

May God bless us all.


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