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Our discussions continues

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Moses goes on Mount Sinai and meets God in the form of a burning bush. He is able to talk to God and in the end God's gives Moses The Ten Commandments. This is how all the Bible started.

This is how some artists see revelation, Our Lord Jesus Christ on a white horse leading his armies of angels to do whatever needs to be done.

Our discussions continues
Dear readers, we know that it has been a while since we wrote our last post about the end of time and John’s speech, but we would like to continue and say what we had to say:
So, let us go back to talk about the Bible and the reasons why we would like to study it in the hope of finding new meanings in it; so, let me say first a few more things about what I believe the Bible is: I believe that the Bible is two books in one, or perhaps several books all expressed in one single book, so, the Bible may have several meanings also and not just one meaning, therefore one has to be careful to attach just one meaning to the Bible. I know that the Bible has been used mostly as a religious book for a very long time; but look it is also a law book and history book, it is stated clearly in the Bible that it is a law book, they say that it is all God’s laws, as it is shown in the ten Commandments that Moses gave his people for a start.
Now, let us use our common sense and try to see what makes sense and what does not make sense. So, let us just assume that there is this real God, who talked to Moses and that this God has laid down the laws as written in the Bible: but then; did this God talk to Moses every single time? Or sometimes Moses wrote his laws as the need of the times dictated, so that he could control his people as best as he could?
Of course what I have said (written above) is just an example, but with this Moses’ example I want to point out that this could be the case for just any other laws and religious writing in the Bible; so, one has to assume that not everything written in the Bible is God words or inspired by God, because it is subject to manipulation from the writer himself and from future writers.
Having said that we could now assume that that part of Revelation in the Bible that we have been talking about with John in our last post; it could have been written purposely like that  because, it needed to be written like that at that particular tough religious time.
Therefore, I do not believe in Revelation and tribulation as written in the Bible, or I should say as most of the people want to understand it, because practical reasoning in my mind says that it is not going to happen that way at all, because it is an almost impossible thing to happen just the way that it has been described.
Therefore I feel that, if the end of time is going to happen as it is written in the Bible and I am wrong in assuming that it is not going to happen and could not happen; then I have reasons to believe that I am being used from God, or God’s life force of the universe, so, I am being used as the forerunner announcing that the first seal in Revelation is about to be opened, and therefore, Revelation is truly going to happen. Well it is not going to happen just the way it has been written in the Bible, but it is going to happen and a new system is about to begin, that is the reason why I feel that I am being called to write all this the best way I could.

The end of time personal views

This is the end of time personal views
After having said what we have said above, it has come to my mind that not all people that read religious pages may know what is meant by Revelation in the Bible, so, let me explain just this; Revelation is the last book in the Bible, and it predict how the world will end, since according to the writer God wants the world to end on his terms. Whether it is only a scary description to make people stronger in their beliefs, or it is something that is going really to happen nobody knows, so the whole thing is open for discussions and everybody can believe whatever they want, so let us discuss it if you will; and this is what I would like to say.
As we have said above, if what is written in revelation about the end of time is really going to happen, then because I am writing these religious writings, I am being used from God as the forerunner announcing that the first seal is about to be opened, just because I feel that I have to write these religious writing of Prayer for reconciliation. But at the same time I do not see that it is possible for me to be said forerunner.
Do you see what I mean? Whether it happens just as it is written in the Bible or not, it does not really matter, but I believe that some changes are going to happen anyhow.
These changes will bring a new system somehow, because I and somebody else who might be saying the same things as I am, about today religious system and saying that Revelation is not going to happen, Revelation will cease to exist, in one way or the other, therefore then, Revelation could be said that it has taken place, since a new religious system would be installed.
So, I am not particularly concerned about those threats in Revelation, because in one way or the other we will fulfil God’s will.
For the time being we may accept this explanation above, of course we are going to talk again and again about this subject later on in these religious writings.
To anyone that wants to see more of these religious writings can go to this web address:
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My dear readers, here and now I would like to say how I see these religious things my own way, or perhaps I should say how I see these religious discussions about Revelations today. You see, since that last religious meeting with our religious friends that I have written above, I have also had several discussions with other outside people about Revelation at the end of the Bible and from these discussions I have come to the conclusion that Revelation has different meanings to different people, I have found that there are people that believe that Revelation is indeed how the world would end soon or later; but there are also some people that say that revelation at the end of the Bible is not going to happen at all, because it was/is only a descriptive way that John the writer of Revelation used, so that they could control the religious people of those days by giving them courage since God would soon help them one way or another and their enemies would perish.
There is also another reason as some learned people suggest that Revelation is not what religious people want us to believe even today, which is that the world will end soon, because there will soon be a war so great that the whole world will be destroyed.
But there are some who believe that revelation has already happened, what these believers are saying is that, what the writer John was saying was that Armageddon was really the end of the Roman empire ruling over the world, because when John wrote Revelation the Romans were the main enemies of the follower of Jesus, so they may well be right to assume that a new system has already happened.
Since there is this great difference of opinion on this subject of Revelation, we would like to know your personal views on this religious subject, so, we are inviting you our readers to write a comment, so that a better opinion can be formed.
Looking back at what has been said in these discussions above; it seems to me that there may be a need to discuss the Bible interpretations of Revelation, because some people seem to disagrees with the present interpretation, which the religious leaders of today want us to believe, in order to scare us again so that we would follow them.
Anyhow in our next page we will be talking about this and also about prayers.
May God help us to understand these religious things?

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Our discussions continues 
Next time with; more dsicussions and prayers 
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