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The future religious review

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Religious review

This is the Bible and it is the most important religious book in the western world

This map shows where the religions of the world are practised.

The future religious review
May God help me say the right things in these religious writings?
Welcome to our post of, the future religious review (from Hub18)
In this post we will be talking about these religious reviews that we believe are going to be necessary for the future, you see, in a way we are studying religions our own way with our own time frame, where we have found that we need to have religions, you might say that we have always known that religions are needed, so what is new about religions that we need to review them; you see, we believe that the times are changing and therefore religions would have to change also for them to work properly within the community, so in this hub, let us talk about these Religious reviews and our religious reviews problems, all being part of Prayers for reconciliation religious writings. So, I pray God to help and guide me. But first of all let me write something for our reader’s peace of mind, so that they don’t worry about these forthcoming changes that these reviews may suggest.
For my reader’s peace of mind
To anyone who is a believer and believes in God and other religious beliefs, please read our Prayers for Reconciliation writings and Reconciliation of the Universe fully before you pass judgment and quit reading; you see Prayers for Reconciliation is only an idealistic theory, which through discussions with other fellow believer (and perhaps non-believers) is trying to find a way on how to link all existing religions together, in the hope that after the change, religions would find hard to fight each other in the future, as they will be shown that they all come from the same God of the universe and so they have this link in common; Reconciliation of the Universe is the theory that might be able to achieve just that, because in that part of our religious writings we will write the theory about how everything is linked together.
Talk about religious reviews
Now let us talk about these religious reviews.
Religious reviews
Dear readers and believers in this post let us talk about those religious reviews, which in our religious study and by logic reasoning we have reasons to believe that they are going to be necessary soon or later, because earthly things are changing very quickly these days including religions and religious beliefs. So, what sorts of reviews are we talking about here, one may ask?
Since most of the religions in this part of the western world come from the Bible, we have reasons to believe that we need to read the Bible just like any other man written book and not as a God dictated book, because so far, there is no real proof that God has dictated anything to man, although some of us would like to believe that God really inspired those writers that wrote the Bible. Anyhow whether it was God inspired or not what we are doing here may make no difference at all, because what we are looking here is about changes that have happened since then. Therefore, because of these changes we believe that also the meaning of what is written in the Bible may have changed, and this is the reason why we need to review the meaning of what has been written in the Bible; therefore, to continue to believe what the religious leaders want us to believe is futile, as it does not help to renew anything religious and otherwise.
Here you might say, what about the other religions in the world, like the Indus religions including Buddhism and other eastern religions: Well we believe that they also need to be reviewed, but they should be reviewed from the same people that practice those religions, therefore for us let us start reviewing our own religion and therefore the Bible.
So, what we have in mind of doing here is that we will read the Bible and try to find the reasons why it has been written like that, at the same time we have to ask ourselves what were the reasons then to write it that way and what it meant then, at the time when the Bible was written for the first time, we need to do that because today it might mean something else, or it should have been written in a different way to have the same meaning.
We need to do that, because today it is no more acceptable that we have to believe whatever somebody else wants us to believe. Speaking for myself, I have to say that it is hard for me to believe that God created everything in seven days, as it is written at the beginning of the Bible; because it may turn out to be just a myth and there is no much truth about it at all, therefore it can really be something else; let us say that the writers of those times wanted God to be so powerful that was able to create the entire world in seven days, I hope you see what we mean? So, we propose to read and criticise the Bible, in order to understand what is left in the Bible that can still apply to today living, and it should be done in such a way that everybody can accept the outcome perhaps even the atheists.
Therefore, dear reader and believer do not be alarmed, because first of all, we would like to inform you that the following religious writings review are going to be according to the existing religious beliefs; because we are not trying to change anything from the existing beliefs at all, accept how we understand them; and in fact these religious writings are being written in order to consolidate in a collective way what we believe is known today, so that existing religious beliefs may have a better chance to survive and be useful for future generations. So, don’t expect much change from these religious reviews, even if sometimes they may seem to you that they are not completely according to the existing religious beliefs. So in a way we could say that while there is a change in the interpretation of the Bible there are no other changes.

My personal religious hopes

Every time we do something we hope to achieve something that might be able to improve our personal situation, in this case I am writing these religious writings as if it is part of my prayers to God Most High and I also pray God to guide me to write the right things in these religious writings. Having done that I personally believe or at least I hope that God likes the idea that we should try to write our religious writing reviews, since a strange event has happened to me, as I personally have proof to believe that I have been greeted from an angel from heaven as the author of Reconciliation of the Universe; I am saying this because there is no other possible explanation for what I have heard and seen. This special encounter I have written fully at the beginning of the part of these religious writing which we call Reconciliation of the Universe, since there it will make more sense and the readers may understand better the reasons why this event may have taken place, so here is the Hub Pages link if you want to check it out, Angles greetings from heaven 58
Because of this encounter, I believe that God is going to help me write my religious writings of Reconciliation of the Universe in his own ways. I am saying this, because I know that for me is not going to be easy to write them as I am only a simple man who has learned to write the hard way, so, only with the help and guidance of God I may be able to write these very difficult religious writings, that even the best writers are trying to avoid to write; so I hope that I would be able to write this Reconciliation of the universe in such a way that they would be accepted from the public in the future whenever that is going to happen.

Religious review problems

Religious reviews problems
As I have said above, we seem to get in all sorts of trouble when we try to write anything at all, since we have not been trained to do that, and we are sure that we would get in far more trouble when we want to write important things like religion, because religions are very hard issues to write about, therefore today while I am trying to write about God’s things I end up writing about my personal things instead. But I believe that this could be God’s will that I have to write these religious writings, so I have to keep writing. I believe that this is happening, because these two subjects are too closely related together, therefore for me as an untrained writer would be hard to control, I believe that the only thing that I would be able to do is to try and keep these subject separate as much as I can, so that it would make it easier for me to write them, and for you my readers to understand what I intend to say. May God help and guide me, while I try to write these religious reviews?
Here we need to say now since I believe that I have no other choice but to write these religious writings reviews; since I have seen in a vision, or in a dream that it was so real that I believe it has really happened to me in real life. Or perhaps it has really happened to me in real life, but I don't want to admit it, because it may sound insane to admit that I have met these angels. Anyhow, there was this angel from heaven who greeted me as the author of, Reconciliation of the Universe; therefore I believe that it would be very foolish of me if I don’t write these religious beliefs now. So, let me just go ahead and write them, and may God help me!
I believe that God’s things are very important to express properly, so, let me say a prayer to God-Most-High, which is the highest and the holiest positive life-force of the whole universe, (this God may sound as if it is a different God but it is just our God) so that He would help me express myself the best way I can with the knowledge that I have, before I can start to talk about these religious matters and my own personal needs with the help of God.
I believe first of all that I should really try to be worthy to pray for what I want from God. So, first I have to pray God to forgive me my sins, so that I’ll be reconciled with God life force and therefore I would become worthy to pray to Him; and then I could pray and ask God what I would like personally to have, or be helped with.
So, let me pray my personal prayer of reconciliation to our merciful and Heavenly Father God Most High who is also the collective positive life force of the entire universe.
This is my personal prayer of reconciliation, in order to live my life according to thy will:
I come to you praying God-Most-High master and eternal life giver of the universe, I am praying thee for forgiveness, reconciliation, cleansing, guidance and blessing.
Looking at what my prayer is going to be like when I write it fully and what I have written above is only the beginning of it and also because I would like to explain other things that connect with my prayer, I believe that it would be better for me if I write the whole prayer in my next post, which I am calling, Religious introductory explanation, and here is the hub pages link if you would like to check it out; Religious explanations
May God bless us all? See you next time.

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The future religious review
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