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Some personal points of view

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Some points of view
I believe that we need to pray God more, in the hope that God of the universe would help us find a way how to live a more peaceful life, because when we pray it is believed that; God hears more than what we say, answers more than what we asks, gives us more that what we could imagine; that is, in his own time and in his own way.  
Some points of view
Some personal points of view
Dear readers, we need to say here that this post could be the last article of part 1 of Prayers for reconciliation, which we have been writing for a while in blogger, and at the same time we have been trying to study more and more religious things, so now, I could say that these religious writings are really becoming a real study of religions, and this is going to be the main subject in part 2 of Prayers for reconciliation, (or we might call it prayers and discussions, because we will be discussing many things in it), and then, part 3 of course we will change the name to Reconciliation of the universe.
Now let us go back to what we were saying before. As we have already mentioned to you before, nowadays in the world there are many religions, which are different to one another and they argue with each other because of these differences, sometimes they are so insistent in their point of views and beliefs that they can even start fighting each other, in fact while I am editing this article to make it compatible with our posts, there is a sort of war in the world that definitely is religious, because people kill in the name of Allah their God; I know that this is hard to believe, but that is what is happening these days. We are sure that this fighting each other is not what real religions are all about, because religions were intended to teach us first of all to love and respect our fellow man as you love and respect yourself: But this love and respect to our fellow man is becoming hard to achieve, because of our faulty understanding of the present religious system and beliefs of existing religions, so, some religious fanatics twist the facts so much that they can use religions and believe that God is on their sides.
I feel greatly disappointed of our present day’s human understanding and achievements about religious matters, because we should have been able to do a lot more in a positive way. Nowadays, because of the electronic communication people should have found a way how to understand each other and love each other more easily; but instead it seems to me that they are fighting each other more than ever. Therefore it would be better if a new way of understanding each other is found, so that the world might become a better place to live in.
At this point of time we are sure that you would be asking yourself; what could be done to fix this problem? And at the same time you would be asking; how come that this is happening now and not before?
Well, we believe that we all have to make an effort and learn better ways how to live in peace with each other’s, and we also have to admit that people in the past did not have enough knowledge of the present situation, because they knew only what was happening in the neighbourhood so to speak and not the whole world, so the situation then was different and we cannot blame them for not fixing what today is becoming obvious that needs to be fixed.
Anyhow, first of all we want to say to you the people as a whole that today it is very likely that the time is approaching fast, when changes would be required to the present religious system, because the present religious system as it is might not be adequate any more, as we can see from the facts that are happening in the world.
Therefore the whole religious system should  be updated, in such a way that the world future generations should not fight each other for lack of religious understanding, and in doing so, then, the future generations could still believe in God and the continuity of God’s magnificent laws that our forebears have written down for us.
Now, before we continue and go in a different direction with our writings we would want to say to the people that they have not done enough in a religious way in the past.
So, to all the learned people of the world we turn, and we invite them to make an effort and think about God’s things, and then do something that for centuries has been neglected and left behind, because those past learned people in their smaller knowledge of those days did not have the means of knowledge that we have today, or was it because of their laziness they assumed that everything had been done for them, as they did not try hard enough to see that everything had been changing around them, and therefore they needed to change also with time to keep everything going properly.
This is how we are going to end part one of Prayers for reconciliation, but at the same time we need to add this explanation below:
My dear readers let me introduce myself again properly. You see, for safety reasons and other various important reasons sometimes I am calling myself ‘Menfranco Laws’. As you can see this name does not sound as a real name, as it is my second internet name, but I guess that you have already realized that my real name is not Menfranco Laws, but I want to use this name as a writer of these religious beliefs, since who I am is not important for religion, and sometimes I wish that nobody knows who I am at this point of time, because today even talking about religion may put your life at risk.
TO BE CONTINUED: We will complete part one of our religious writings with this article called, Does God answer our prayer? Because that is a question that most people would ask, and I have asked myself many times. And then we will start part two of Prayers for reconciliation that we are going to call, prayers and discussions.
So see you soon in our next post, will God answer our prayers?

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