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Prayers and observation

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In the beginning of the Bible it seems to me that God used to answer our prayer more easily than he does today; because, you see Moses went up Mount Sinai and met God in the form of a talking burning bush, God said to Moses to go to the Israelite and tell them that he had heard their prayer, so he would help them go back to their Promised Land; that would have been a big ask even for God, because there was a lot to do to free the Jews; anyhow that is what God did and so, the Jews prayers were answered. But today, does God answer our prayers?
Prayers and observations
Dear readers, this post that we call Prayers and observations, it is really the continuation of our previous post, does God answer our prayers? In that post we have mentioned that we were going to talk about the end of the world, here we are talking about it as we have said above. the end of the world can come in many ways; as we know even in the Bible is mentioned the end of the world seriously, just before the New Testament ends, so people always believe that the world will end soon or later, and if you are a believer you believe that it will end just the way the Bible says.
Anyhow, if we believe in God we need to pray God and believe that God will hear our prayer and prevent this end of the world as we know it, we hope that it is not as bad as we are led to believe. You see, lots of people believe that the world will end and they try to foretell when this event will take place, but they seem to get it wrong all the time, so let us observe one of these events: 
Now, this event that I am writing here has happened a few years ago, but I would like to tell you as if it is happening today, because that is the way I have written it the first time. Anyhow in my open forum I asked; as we have heard many times lately that there is going to be the end of the world soon, I would like to ask you this: Do you believe that it could really happen and the end of the world will be the 21st of December 2012 as many forecast? Is this event really going to happen? What is your answer to what I have just asked? My guess is that we just don’t know.
So I am saying here what my heart and soul tells me, I believe that there is no end of the world on the 21st December 2012, it cannot be I don’t see even the signs that other people claim to see, the only thing I see is that religions need to be modified and that is not the end of the world ether; you see, if religions are modified then it marks the end of some religious things and therefore the beginning of something else, so that we can say one day that a new system has arrived and the old system has ended, that is the only end that I can see today. Anyhow today while I am editing this article the 21st December 2012 has past and nothing has happened, so the world has not ended. Thanks God it was a false alarm.
Anyhow, what I have written here above has come and gone, but today we are facing this other threat, it seems to me that the world is splitting in two, the western religions on one side and the Muslim religions on the other side, this indeed could become dangerous to say the least, because a 3rd WW could be started, and who knows how this could end. But let us pray God to help us prevent it happening. So we pray to God many times and yet we don’t know if God answers our prayers. 

Still pray and hope for an answer  
Now let me go back to what I was saying, as I have said I have been praying God for an answer to my prayers, for this reason I have been also writing my theory of Reconciliation of the Universe, which I am also calling Prayers for Reconciliation, not only because there is many prayers written in it, but also because it is my personal prayer to God Most High, in the hope that God hears my prayers and answers my personal requests. But I have to say that up to today God has not answered my prayers and there is sickness in my family; this sickness or illness sometimes I am afraid that is becoming worse, and for this reason I am praying again.
So, I ask you this when will God answer my prayer?
Am I not worthy to be heard from God about what I need?
What is God waiting for, to answer my personal request?
Is it not enough the religious writings I have written and all the prayers that I've prayed?
To prove to you my dear readers that I have written already in Hub Pages many religious hubs, which I believe that they should be counted also as prayers to God, I am going to make a shortened list of these hubs hereunder including the links for you to check them out, so that you can judge me if you will, according to what I have written, of course there are also my religious posts in Blogger:,
And also I am publishing this,
I believe that all these religious writings should be counted as prayers. Anyhow even if God does not seem to answer my prayer, I will still pray God in the hope that one day he will answer my prayers and grant my earthly requests.
All this is because, man needs God and because, God is hope for those who need hope most and for this reason we pray God, we have to pray because we feel that it is one of those necessities of our soul, and thus we pray.

 List of religious hubs in Hub Pages

Here are two of my links about God works in mysterious ways in Hub Pages, since some of my readers and commenter pointed it out to me this:
Here are some hub links of my theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe including the heavenly messenger encounter:
Dear readers, I hope you have had time to read some of our Hubs, so that you could see what we mean and comment on them, or at least comment on our first question; Will God answer our prayers.
Anyhow with this post we conclude part one of, Prayers for reconciliation, we will start part 2 right away and we might call it Prayers and discussions, just to give it a different name, of course part three will be called, Reconciliation of the universe.
May God bless us all?

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