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God sent task

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Prayers of Reconciliation
God sent task
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You, angels of the realm of glory,
You tell us about the eternal story,
You tell us about the creator's glory,
You tell us the wonders of God's creation.
Prayers of Reconciliation
(Frank M. Version) Post 14
God sent task
After a very long time and reflections about this God sent task that seems to be within my heart and soul all the time and never lets me go; I have come to the conclusion that perhaps I could never find peace within myself unless I fulfil my desire to write about these religious beliefs; so, I have decided to talk to my friends again, in the hope that they now may have come to see this God sent task in a more favourable way.
So I have called them to let them know that I would like to see them again on these religious subjects, that is whenever they have some spare time, I have been waiting for them for a while now, while I have been waiting I thought that it could be a good thing to write down the reasons why I started to write these religious writings.
Anyhow, while I was thinking about this God sent task, I became aware that one of the reasons why I want to do something about it was and is, that I see God somehow different from everybody else, now that I have said it, I need to explain what I think God may be like, in the hope that this explanation in this article may help me to explain myself better to my reader and to my friends and win their consent.
I suppose you may be asking yourself why this has happened to me, so, let me first inform you my dear readers the reason why I started to write these religious writings; well it was for my own personal reasons which I will explain to you better later on, I have started to write these religious writings as my personal prayer to Our Father God Most High, therefore, these writings are being written as my personal prayers to God Most High, which I pray from the bottom of my heart, my soul and my mind, I pray every day of my life, while I am happy and while I am sad and distressed. Therefore within these writings here will be lots of prayers: In some of these prayers I’ll be praying God for forgiveness in order to become purified, and therefore become worthy to become God’s servant and therefore to write God’s things; and then again in another prayer I’ll be invoking help from God so that I would be able to write my religious writings the proper way, and in some prayers I will be asking God to protect me from the forces of evil; because the force of evil may try to take me away from God’s life force, therefore it is important for me to beware the forces of evil and pray God to help me.
So, just now I am praying God to send me an angel from the realm of glory, who would suggest me how to write something about God’s Creation and the Creator Glory, so that I could be inspired and be able to continue to write my religious writings.
This is what came to my mind; I have to define who is God and what God is like and why we need religion and God?
I have to stop writing now, because I can hear somebody at the door, I can hear the voices of my friends, so they are here now. Let me go to meet them.
The Meeting
After greeting them and all other niceties that occur every time good friends meet, I, Mark and Gino set down and made ourselves comfortable, started to talk about the agenda of the meeting, and I asked them;
So, why you did not brink anybody else with you? Is it because any other friend does not want to take part in these religious talks?
What is the matter with them? Perhaps they are really scared to do anything, because of that Revelation business? I know that for me it is different, because for me this is a God sent task that I want to achieve; But before I start talking about our future task, let me just go back for a moment to talk about our friend John and his Bible Revelation speech, I believe that at this point of time, we should really leave it behind all that scary stuff and we should talk about the future instead, because that is the only way to go, if we want to progress and find a solution for the future. One day we will come back to talk about scary Revelation OK, now let us continue our present God sent task.
Anyhow, why are they scared about?
Don’t they see that we are talking only and nothing is happening?
Anyhow that does not matter; perhaps we are better off without them if they worry too much about looking and talking about changes in religious matters.
Now tell me, what do people said when you have talked to them about God and religion lately?
Here Mark was ready to answer me; and this is what he said:
Mark reply
Well, most of them are not interested about talking religious things, and those who are have expressed themselves in many different ways. So, for you to fulfil what you call, your God sent task is not going to be any easier? Anyhow let me tell you what I found:
(1) Some people believe in God and religion just the way it is, this portion of people do not want any change in religion, so they are happy to stay with the ways religions are nowadays. It is no use to talk to them unless you agree fully with their religious beliefs.
(2) There is a portion of people that have doubts about nowadays religions, some of which don’t feel sure whether what is being thought about religion is all true, so, they are believers but with a little doubt in their mind and heart. You can talk to this group of people but they are not much help, if you want to find new ideas.
(2b) Right in the middle there is this large group of people, which believe in God and religions only up to a point, these people usually are full of all sorts of questions, as they would like to know more, in the hope that they can return to religion fully.
(2c) The extreme in this middle group is formed by those who believe very little in religion as it is today, so, they are asking too many questions themselves about religions, they are agnostic as they believe and at the same time don’t believe, one does not know what to do with this group, and yet they are the most interesting ones. That is all there is in this middle group.
(3) Then there is this last group I would call the danger group for religious beliefs, they are the atheist, they don’t believe in God and religions, so, for them it would be better if religions did not exist. They are usually very intelligent and have a good job, so for them there are no worries in life, therefore, they don’t see the need of god and religion. Therefore, this well to do group starts putting forwards all sort of stories in order to blame religion for some of the bad things they have done in the past, but they don’t see that mankind have only to blame themselves, because no religion tells its believers to directly kill. Then there is also the fact that a few in this group are poor uneducated people and they don’t believe in God just to protest their bad luck, as they are not happy about what the world is giving them, so, they see the need to believe only in themselves; now, because of this belief they may become the worst of mankind, as they don’t have any respect for humanity, and also they don’t have a God or religion or any other sort of inbuilt restrain within them. I could say more but I think it is better that I stop here and see what you do think about it all. I only would like to add that what I have learned from all this enquiries; and I want you to remember how I see religion now, as this may well be important from now on, if we are talking about religious things;
Remember that;
Religion and God is hope for those who need hope most.
Very well said Mark! I said, and so did Gino at the same time.
Then I turned to Gino, and said: Now that we have heard what mark had to say, what do you think of his speech? And what have you found out for yourself, it is your turn to speak.
Gino speech:
If you hope that my report is better than Mark, you are mistaken and as Mark said your God sent task is not going to be easy.
So, I have to say that Mark and I agree on most of these religious things, so there is no point in repeating them, I only would like to say a bit more about the last group of people who we call the atheists, as they need to be noted about their ways of thinking and speeches, any believer should avoid to talk to any of them about religious matters, because soon or later they are inclined to ridicule your religious beliefs, they are usually good intelligent people, so it is hard for any religious people to defend themselves from this group.
They attack believers usually by asking proof of any religious matter, so Mark is right when he calls them the danger group of religious beliefs. We really need to think hard how to defend ourselves from this group, Let me show you a few examples about what they usually talk to get the believers off guard.
You believers say that God is Omnipotent, now if God is omnipotent then god should be capable to do anything at all no matter how difficult the task is.
Now, there are many things in the world that need to be fixed, why your god does not fix them? We say that your God most likely does not exist; or he is definitely not omnipotent, or he is not willing to fix anything, so your god is not your fatherly benevolent god that you say he is. Therefore your religious beliefs are flawed.
We say that we are right to assume that there is no God and religions are there only to control people, now since religions these days fight with each other and they have been fighting each other since the beginning of the known history of the world, it would have been better if religions did not exist at all?
This sort of reasoning goes on with many gods attributes and they challenge the believers to give proof of the existence of God and its attributes. So it is hard for any believers to give proof of God and its attributes. How can any believers give proof about God?
And god omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence and many other God attributes?
For the atheists God and religion is better it does not exist.
What can one do to change their attitude I don’t know?
I hope I have explained myself clear enough in this difficult report.
Your speech is clear enough for me I said; then I turned to Mark and asked: what do you think of Gino speech mark? His speech is very clear for me too; in fact it is just about what I would have liked to say myself. But now, where do we go from here I don’t Know?
OK. I suppose I need to say something myself now, so that I would be able to continue this God sent task.
Religious Reconciliation Doc
Prayers of Reconciliation
God sent task
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