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People life and religion,


Saint Peter square in Rome is a very important religious forum, look how many people are attending this special service. People are attracted to religions, it is an inborn need that we have. We need to believe in God or other spirituality. 

Welcome to our article, People life and religion

May God guide and help us to write the right religious things.

In this article, let us talk about people need to believe in God, because we have always believed in gods and religions from the beginning of recorded times. Anyhow, some of us have doubts, while others will believe everything that is being said to them, so, they follow religions willingly, because religion for them is a way of life that helps them to belong to a religious group. 

Now, to see what we are saying, let us look at this religious events that has just happened in Rome, where about a million people have come to witness this important event, these people are there because they believe in these happenings and also they like to see themselves as being part of this event, because this will give them a sense of belonging, and this is part of their religious life.  

Here we are talking about the canonization in Rome of these two popes: Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul 2. Now, we are talking about this briefly, to compare what people do in these religious events. 

Thousands of people went in Rome to attend to these religious events. You see, people like to participate. because it gives them a sense of belonging and friend ship, and religions are good at doing that.   


People life and religion

We could say that for people religions are the essence of our existence, because we believe in God and religions are important to us. So, let us talk about people life and religion in a modern way.

Now, to include everybody in a spiritual way, we must assume that God exists, and we exist. Therefore, life exist since we exist, and life is the essence of all existing life, and to believe in our existence is to believe in God and everything else that makes life possible. So, Gog exists, but what about the existence of our soul and everything else that we see as spiritual, including God and religions?  

Here, it follows that if we believe in life, we must believe in the force that makes life possible, and believe that this force exists, and we say that this life force that we are talking about, is the life force that makes life possible, we call it God for want of any other name, as we have written in our article, God exists because life exists, where we explain that God exists at least by definition.  

Now these religious articles can be controversial, but, because we believe in God, so, we are writing a prayer to God.


Our Father in heaven, to you I turn God Most High, and I start to pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind. In the name of The-Father The-Son and The-Holy Spirit I am praying, hoping that the ever present guiding spiritual force of the Holy Spirit on earth will guide me; So that, I can write these religious writing as humanly as possible according to your will. Father hear my prayer and guide me! Amen.


Explaining life and religion  

Anyhow, we believe that God exists and God is the essence of life. So, we must assume that God exists and is life itself and it cannot be any other way. So, to believe in the existence of life, is to believe in the existence of God and everything else, including that in the beginning God helped to make life possible on earth. But, let us finish the explanation of life; we were saying that in the beginning God intervened and gave us a tiny bit of His life force, which we carry within us during our lives and this spiritual life force can be called our soul, which at our death must return to God, since it came from God; so, what we are saying is similar to the Bible creation.

Today some people believe that life has started on its own: Therefore, they believe that there was no real Creation or Creator, therefore, there is no supernatural force involved in starting the life chain, because it all happened through Evolution. But they should be careful what they are saying, because whatever Life-force-energy was required to start life on earth, that same Life-force-energy may be deemed to be the Creator and therefore God, even if such Life-force-energy is different from God our Creator described in the Bible, or other religious books. 


There are several religions in the world, and some of them also describe creation, but the way they describe creation is different. 

The meaning of people lives  

We will always ask ourselves: What is the meaning of our life on earth? Did God create us for a special purpose? Anyhow, it is written in the sacred book the Bible that God created us like his own image. But there are people that do not believe in God, or the Bible.  

You see, it is human nature that people have doubts in their minds. Even now that people know more than before, this greater knowledge does not help us much; because we want to compare religious beliefs with our knowledge; but religious beliefs cannot be compared to any known earthly thing, since they belong to another dimension, therefore, no real comparison can be made.

Anyhow, if we believe in God, we have been promised that our soul can be saved. We will explain how our souls can be saved in these links: Future God of the UniverseGod of the Universe descriptionAngels, Saints and human soulsNow since we want to survive forever, we need to believe in a religion that promises the afterlife.

Here we need to say that all living animals and plants have this inner will to survive forever, even if they cannot think and express themselves. But we people are able thinking creatures and we are special in the Creator eyes, because, we believe that when God gave us our breath of life, God gave us a tiny bit of his life-force and this God’s given life-force is our soul or spirit, which as long as we live on earth we owe it to God. So, we have a soul and it is our duty to look after our soul, in the hope that we can go back to God and humbly say. Look Father I have looked after my soul, I believe my soul is worth saving. This can be our way to salvation.


We would like to find the way to salvation 

During our life we ask ourselves, is there an Afterlife? And what can we do to secure it for ourselves? But religions give us various answers to these questions. The only thing that they seem to agree though is that there is an Afterlife, even if they don’t know how it is.

Therefore, it is wise for us that we should take care of our soul, so that we can receive from God that promised eternal life, which God has promised us. But first we must be worthy in God’s eyes to receive eternal life.

There are a few rules to follow, on how we believe we can achieve the way to salvation.




We must admit that what we are doing, is the beginning of our vision  for our soul salvation. Anyhow, we are writing our religious theory of, Reconciliation of the Universe, this theory can form a map that points to the right directions.

If we do all these things, then we may find the way to our soul salvation. 


New religious world order required

For complete reconciliation a new world order is required.

We must say that what is happening in the world today is disgusting, when we are witnessing killing innocent people in the name of God; and they are killing them because they don’t believe in the same God as they do. So, religions need a new world order and one God for everybody.

So, we must find a way how to reconcile them. It is not going to be easy, because all religious groups believe that they are right in believing in what they are believing in, and it is the others that have got it wrong.

Therefore, the only way to overcome that is to show them that the others believe in the same God, therefore, it is possible for them to believe in religion without arguing continually. Then suggest that it is wise to have a religion that incorporates all existing religious groups without changing their religious beliefs, so, this new religious order can satisfy the needs to all religious orders and can achieve world reconciliation.

How to start this new world order is not going to be easy, but it needs to be done otherwise mankind will argue forever about religions; in fact, we can become lost, and people don’t believe in God anymore, then, because we have moved away from God’s positive life-force, God’s life-force cannot be in touch with us, therefore, God protection for the human race is lost. Then to live a normal life is harder, in fact, it might even bring mankind life cycle to an end.

But we believe that there is a way out from this possible disaster, if we believe in God and try to find our way for complete world reconciliation. To achieve that we need to find what religions have in common with each other. Then we would be in a better position to suggest to the world, which is the best way to reconcile those religions. We are going to do that in Reconciliation of the Universe


These are the main religions of the world, of course there are a lot more that what is shown above, therefore, it is only natural that they do not agree with each other most times, so, a new religious way could be welcome. 


How can we find the right way? 

While I am writing these religious articles, because I feel that I must write them, I hope that one day these religious writings can reconcile everything together, and so, prove to be a good religious theory, because then these religious writings will be the beginning of the new World Religious Consensus, and the beginning of, The New World Religion. Perhaps then they may indeed be called Reconciliation of the Universe.

Now that I have stated my intentions, let me say a prayer to God Most-High; I am saying this prayer the way that I believe it should be in the future, and, so that God can guide me to write my religious writings the right way.


In the name of God-Most-High the most Holy, who is the Center of all spiritual force, because all gods and spiritual being were born from Him and they are part of Him, who has been is and will be the active life-force of the entire universe, he is the life giver and creator of the living and the spiritual beings, so, he is the Father of everything, we owe our lives to him and therefore it is our duty that we serve him while we are alive, because to him we must return when we die.

To you I turn My Lord God-Most-High and pray with all my heart, my soul and my mind, in the hope that you would help me find a way how to write these religious writings of, Reconciliation with God, so that the people in the future can accept them and use them for the future benefit of mankind. Father hear my prayer and help me, amen! 

May God bless us all. 

I have said enough in this article; so, see you, in our next article of religious discussions.


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