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Religious discussion one.


The basilica of Saint Peter in Rome, is the center of the Roman Catholic church. In Saint Peter Basilica is where the highest leaders of the Christian clergy are. They are supposed to guide the rest of the clergy, but today there are some problems, and they do not seem able to solve them. 

Some Religious Discussions. 

Welcome to our article, Religious discussions one

May God guide and help me to say the right things?

Dear readers, in this article we are discussing religious problems, because negative things happen in religious circles, for this reason the atheists can attack religions. Their first target is the Roman Catholic Church and the Bible, since the Bible is the most important religious book that people read; the atheists claim that we can be better off if religions did not exist. They have good reasons for saying that, because if we talk about the terrorist attacks, we cannot blame the atheists for saying that; but at the same time, they are not solving the problem. 

Anyhow, we can see tow religious problems, one problem is the terrorist attacks, the other problem is about pedophilia in the Christian religions, which is disgusting; we have mentioned pedophilia, because it continues to be there and nobody is doing anything to stop it; then are the Islamic extremists that kill people in the name of God.

We believe that this is happening because the Koran, was written during years of wars when Islam was young, in those times people were more violent than today. So, the preachers and writers of those times, had to write the Koran in such a way that their people should kill other people to win the war and survive. Today these religious laws can be twisted, therefore, killing is not a religious sin even when there is no war going on.

Now, these main facts are the most extreme unwanted happenings in the religious world. Therefore, mankind needs to think, how to find a way to prevent these religious problems. Anyhow, we are discussing these problems, in the hope of finding a way how to fix them.

Therefore, today we need to take a closer look at religious books, to see if they mean what we have been told they mean, so, let us look at these religious problems, in the hope of finding the right answer to their existing problems.


The Bible is the most read book in the entire world, it is believed that Moses started to write the Bible, or the notes that later on were used to write the Bible. Anyhow, what we want to say here is that the atheists are able to attack the Bible because there are statements that do not add up.   


The Koran is for the Muslims what the Bible is for the Christians, this book is not as old as the Bible, it derives from the Bible and was written during years of wars at the beginning of the Islamic religion. 


In search of better religious ways. 

We are studying how religions serve humanity. We believe that we need to look at a larger picture, we need to put everything together, so that we are not limited in our understanding of the present religious situation. Therefore, let us start with what we believe and agree that exist, and then we can see better what can follow.

What we know today is this, that we live on this planet that we call earth, with our solar system and other planets in the constellation of the zodiac which is part of the Milky Way galaxy, all this we know and agree that these celestial bodies exist, because they have been observed to exist, but what we don’t know is this: Did God create all this?  

Of course, we know that the Bible says that God created everything, but today there are people that believe that what is written in the Bible is incorrect; so, they rather believe in the evolution of living things, so, we are looking at ways how to explain that; at this point of time, we can say that creation and evolution could have worked together.

Now these questions and answers that we are writing, will create more questions like: Can we assume that God and Mother Nature (evolution) have always worked together, so, they are eternal and everything else is eternal? Then we can assume that the material universe and the spiritual universe is God, and therefore, everything exists within God.

Or should we assume that the existing energies of the material universe crystallized and so God was formed, so, God is part of the whole universe: all these assumptions are not easy to answer, so, it is better for us to try to sort what the people of this world have already accepted, and from this accepted knowledge work out how to form a better religious order. So, let us discuss existing religious books and religious beliefs.

Religious discussions

As we have said, we are discussing religious books, where we ask why they have been written the way they have been written the first time. We are not specialists about this issue, but at the same time, we are free thinkers that interpreters what we read openly. Anyhow, we need to ask about their application at the time when they were written, and again we have to ask ourselves, if these religious books were to be written today, would they be written the same way, or would they be changed, just because other things have changed? Because today religions seem to be inconsistent, therefore, they fail to satisfy everybody because of the different ways and values that mankind has today. Therefore, because things have changed religions need to change. 

So, the question now arises, how we can changes religions without upsetting religious orders? Because there are many religious orders, so, it is going to be hard to avoid upsetting them, but we must find a way to overcome this drawback. It may help telling them that we are trying to find religious reconciliation for the future benefit of mankind.

As we have already said, our aim is to think of a religious theory that can link all existing religions together; so, we hope to find it by studying and discussing religions with our religious friends and other groups? We believe that religions are important to people, because people attend important religious event, when they take place.


To understand that people need religions is enough to follow some religious events. Look at this large crowd that has attended at the canonization of these two popes in Rome. Religious people like to attend religious events, because they create a friendly atmosphere and people enjoy being part of it.  

Important religious event

Anyhow, while we were editing this article, an important religious event has taken place in Rome, so, we want to show our readers that religions are important today, as it attracts many thousands of people, so, we can say to the atheist, that God exists in the mind of the people and religions are here to stay, because people need God and religions. You need to look at this religious event to see that people need God and religions. So, let us describe this event briefly.

This is one of the rare religious events that happen in the Roman Catholic Church, here we are talking about the canonization of two popes, and the response of the believers is enormous, and now let us see how the media has reported it:

These are some quotes from the media report:

The Canonization Mass was celebrated by Pope Francis (with Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI concelebrating), on Sunday 27 April 2014, in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican in Rome.

Pope John XXIII (25 November 1881 – 3 June 1963) and Pope John Paul II (18 May 1920 – 2 April 2005) reigned as popes of the Roman Catholic Church and the sovereigns of Vatican City (respectively from 1958 to 1963 and 1978 to 2005). (End of quotes)

The crowd of followers was enormous and peaceful, like religious events are supposed to be. So, we can say that this is the greatest show on earth; and whatever the atheists and other groups may say, they are wrong because religions are helping to get people together in a friendly way, and therefore, they are helping humanity.

Anyhow here under is a link to check out this religious event that we are talking about.

Pope Francis presides over John Paul II, John XXIII historic ...

Now, that we have shown that even today people follow religions, let us go back to our religious discussions, to see how our religious articles can be accepted. 

So, see you next time in our blog religious discussion two. 


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